Luca Attwood

“One of the more unexpected players in the setting up of the New Terra Libre Markets was one Luca Attwood, former Vice Captain of the Slipstream. Having chosen to decomission the Luxury Cruise Liner from space travel, this former business man decided to pick up where their good friend Sal left off and helped van Dalen set up the newly transferred St Nikoloas Market, with the aid of good friend and Ex-Captain, Katherine Harte.

“While Harte dropped from the scene after only a few years, Attwood stayed a firm player in the Market's development and running and while he was not as influential as van Dalen in the long run, he must have been doing something right as his role saw him retiring at the young age of 52.”

- Exact from Exodus and Economy: History of the Scoin, 2190

Luca Attwood

Officer over seeing case: Stanley Kibbs
Known Offences:

Suspected Offences:

Further Notes: Despite numerous anonymous reports connecting Luca to versus shady dealings, no solid evidence has yet been gathered. Shadowing for a period of 2 months has uncovered nothing. Closing case.“

- TLIS Report reference LA0002


Security level: Blue Case Access level: Red

Over seeing agent: V Cases:

Further notes: Still insufficient evidence to tie Mammon to anyone. After years, the trail has gone cold. Case awaiting new leads.“

- NEST Mission Statement 213906094556