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Example Ships

The Chestnut

Ship Name: The Chestnut
Ship Class: Alchemist Class Mobile Research Station


Bonus Equipment: Workshop
Specialist Equipment: Hangar Deck
Kerbal Grade Equipment: Automated Weapon Systems

The Chestnut was designed as a military station to be launched into nearby systems in order to protect resources for the UC. It was designed to be as tough as nails, and it lives up to the reputation.

Stars Ascension

Ship Name: Stars Ascension
Ship Class: Camelot Class Racing Ship


Specialist Equipment: Sensor Jammer

Someone once said, I wonder how fast I can make my racing ship go. Then they made Stars Ascension. You connect the dots. Shame it was hot wired for a quick escape during the exodus from earth.

The Venturer

Ship Name: The Venturer
Ship Class: Squire Class Probe


Bonus Equipment: Long Range Scanners
Specialist Equipment: Automated Security Systems

The Venturer is an ex-commercial space exploration probe, fitted to carry a pilot and passenger one FTL jump away and back, so they can explore some of what's there, hopefully not get killed by what's there, and come back to report it.

The Flying Fish

Ship Name: The Flying Fish
Ship Class: Scorpio Class Drone


Secret Parts: Sensor Jammer

The Flying Fish is a customised military probe ship, used by smugglers to help press through systems undetected – that is until the collapse of Earth and no one came to meet them on the other side.