Table of Contents

Equality and Themes

All games run by the Oxford University Role-Playing Games Society are subject to the Conduct and Acceptable Themes Policy which can be found on the OURPGSoc website. It is expected that all GMs and players will be familiar with this policy when playing Princess.

Princess is fundamentally a horror game. It is intended to be dark and it is intended that things will occur during the game to scare and terrify characters – the GM team does not, however, want to make players uncomfortable. Therefore, please find below a list of potentially upsetting topics which may be present in the game, as well as a statement on how you as a player can avoid topics that may be included that you would rather avoid.

It is worth noting that all real-life prejudices from the Conduct and Themes Policy are not permitted in Princess, but we do not wish to discourage characters from having any prejudices. We welcome characters with prejudices based on the current situation, for example: characters who have low opinions of people who have never been in Space; characters who have Opinions about people who could (or couldn't) afford their own Spaceship; anarchists vs capitalists; and so on. If you're unsure about a prejudice you're intending your character to explore, do email the GMs.

Avoiding Topics

There is a wide variety of horror that may appear in Princess, but the GM team recognise that people have OOC discomfort with certain varieties of horror and OOC phobias. As such, we would like players to let us know if there are any such topics that they wish to avoid – we will explicitly ask you to do this at Character Creation, but this can also be done at any time during the game. The GMs will do what they reasonably can to avoid bringing these topics into your game and your turnsheets.

We cannot promise that other players will not interact with the topic you are not comfortable with and bring it up IC (or indeed that NPCs may accidentally bring it up), but in this case you should simply immediately request OOC to not talk about it to you (the phrase “I am uncomfortable OC” should suffice) and we ask all players respect that request should it be made. However, we're all human and there are a lot of players to remember, so please try not to hold it against us or other players if we mess up from time to time!

Potentially Sensitive Themes That May Occur

Themes listed here may occur during the course of Princess. They may be brought in by GMs or may be brought in by players through the medium of their defined “Deep Dark Fear” (see Character Creation).

This list is not exhaustive. Themes that are not listed here or in the list below may appear in the game.

Forbidden Themes

The following list of themes will not appear in Princess. They may not appear as your character's “Deep Dark Fear” and the GM team will immediately reject any character concept that involves these themes.