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Character Creation

This page will guide you on how to create a character in Princess. The process of creating a character can be simplified into steps:

  1. Decide what sort of character you are.
  2. Decide on your Skills.
  3. Purchase Quirks.
  4. Spend your Ship Construction allowance if you took the Own Ship quirk.
  5. Decide on your deepest, darkest fear.
  6. Fill in the details.
  7. Send to the GMs for approval.

Step 1: Who are you?

Who are you? What do you want?

If you've escaped Earth you've needed to be hard as nails, incredibly driven, fleeing something way bigger than you, or just straight up lucky. One way or another you're going need to get to grips with what makes you you if you're planning to survive along with the last lifelines of humanity. People from all over the world have escaped, so there are no bounds on who you are and where you could have come from. You should describe how you ended up on an FTL-capable ship - or you can leave it up to the GMs, and we will place you on an NPC-owned ship.

When coming up with your character, having a strong concept behind what drives and distinguishes them is invaluable in creating a memorable and fun character. Have a look through the rest of the wiki for ideas on what sort of characters you would like to play.

Step 2: Skills

Skills are what your character can do. If you can run a mile, hotwire a spaceship, or patch up a gash on someone's arm, that's part of a skill. Unlike previous recent Society Games, your skills do not increase on a scale: you either have the skill or you do not. Each skill has one base skill and two or three specialism skills. At game's start you have 5 points to spend on skills (including specialism skills).

Along with your skills, your character will have a default piece of kit. If they're a mechanic, this could be a stocked tool bag; if they're a pilot, it could be a set of navigation equipment; and if they are current or ex-military, it might well be a gun. Please specify what your character's kit is, but be aware that the GMs may ask to tweak it, if they think that you are being too elaborate in your choices.

Step 3: Quirks

Quirks are things that are unusual or unique about characters. Have a pet? Some sweet gear? A deep, undiagnosed phobia? These are all quirks. You can take one positive quirk at game's start, and up to three more positive quirks by taking negative quirks to balance them out.

Step 4: Ship Construction

Do you have a ship? If you're out here in space, you better have one or have passage on another ship that will keep you from the cold embrace of vacuum. If you're a ship owner then now is the time to construct it.

Step 5: Your Deepest, Darkest Fear

Princess is, first and foremost, a horror game. We want to enjoy your character being scared out of their wits, and we want you to enjoy it too. To that end, we ask you to specify what your character's deepest, darkest fear is (or, for those of you who are reckless enough to take the 'Multiple Fears' quirk, what they all are). Obviously, do not make this the same as any OC fear you may have. This will be key to your character's experience of the game, and you should not expect it to be something that is possible to completely avoid. NB: This is subject to GM approval.

Also, if you have any OC fears that you absolutely, most definitely do not want to encounter in the game, this is the place to please tell us! We want everyone's experience of the game to be enjoyable, even as we attempt to terrify your character. You do not need to give us any details or explanation of why: just tell us what you do not want appearing in your game. (Note: we cannot guarantee that they will not appear in the game as a whole, so you may still hear about them occurring, but we will not write them into your actions.) Furthermore if your OC fears, that you want the GMs to be keeping an eye, out for change at any point during the game do not hesitate to tell us. It only takes a moment to update your data, and we will be able to keep those in mind going forward.

Step 6: The Details

The final thing is to fill in the details of your character's backstory. Nothing mechanical here, this is just explaining the details of who your character is and where they came from. You'll also want to provide a public bio, which is a short description detailing what the other inhabitants of the fleet would know about you.

Step 7: Submit

Once all this is done, all that's left is to send it to the GMs, and we shall review it and get back to you if there are any needed tweaks. Feel free to use the provided template for your character email. (If you are submitting a ship you own as well, we would appreciate both the character and the ship being in the same email!)

Ship in Residence:



Deepest Darkest Fear:

Any OC Fears to Avoid:


Public Bio:
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