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This page lists the ship classes that are available to be constructed from which you may pick one.

Each ship has a selection of the following attributes:

Civilian Ships

Camelot Class Racing Ship

When Rolls-Royce announced to the world that they were going to take their engineering talents from the roads to the stars, we didn't quite believe them. We never thought they could pull off such superb feats of engineering in such a different environment. We were wrong. The Camelot Class Racing Ship is the sleekest and fastest civilian ride flying, not to mention one of the most stylish…
- Excerpt from “BBC Top Gear, Interstellar Special” c. 2081

Babylon Class Space Yacht

The Lady Grey and Partners Babylon Class Space Yacht is the pinnacle of small luxury space-craft. Enjoy the smooth ride and comfortable interior of the ship as the advanced autopilot systems guides your ship through the stars, giving you more time to spend taking in the beauty of space and enjoying yourself without the worry of piloting.
- Excerpt from promotional pamphlet, c. 2080

El Dorado Class Personal Transport Ship

The El Dorado Transport Ship gives you the spacious size of ship to take all you'd desire from the great city of gold, but unlike other ships on the market doesn't cost you a city of gold to buy in the first place. Affordable but spacious, Stellar Trader are already nicknaming this ship the “Renault Espace of Space
- Excerpt from a popular space-vehicle website, c. 2079

Xanadu Class Cruise Ship

Many people asked us why they should pay a fortune to see the stars when they could relax at a tropical island beach resort instead for a fraction of the price. Our answer to this is the Xanadu Class Cruise Ship: luxury incarnate fitted with a state of the art holodeck to bring your holiday dreams to life!
- Pamphlet, c. 2080

Commercial Ships

Squire Class Probe

The Squire Class Probe is just what any budding entrepreneur looking to expand into the greatness of space needs to begin searching for a decent location. The speed of this ship allows you to search star systems in a matter of days: and in this space-faring era, we all know that time is money!
- From an advertising campaign for the Squire Probe, 2070

Knight Class Escort Ship

The Knight was very deliberately named by its designers: powerful, solid, and a valuable ally in any space-based combat situation, but one that anyone could purchase, as opposed to the military grade Draco. Adapted from jet fighter designs from the 2040s, a properly equipped Knight is an equal match for its military counterpart in a dogfight situation, without selling your soul.
- Excerpt from an aggressive online campaign, 2079

Prince Class Transport Ship

Got Cargo? Want to get it into Space? Don't have enough room? SHOULD'VE BOUGHT A PRINCE! Lucky for you, we're having a sponsored sale down here at Discount Dana's Spaceship Emporium, so you can get your hands on your very own PRINCE for up to 25% off!!!
– Advert. c. 2068

Alchemist Class Mobile Research Station

The International Space Station proved the value of an orbiting research centre, but with the invention of the Black Box FTL Drive, researchers began opting for smaller, less spacious vessels in exchange for freedom to not be anchored in orbit around any one planet. The Alchemist Station changes the whole game: no longer does your research team need to be testing samples in cramped, ill-designed compartments – this research station is fully mobile and can perform jumps between systems like any other ship.
– Advertisement sent to several prominent Astronomical Research Units, c. 2076

Military Ships

Scorpio Class Drone

Scorpio Class Drones are the proposed pilot fish of the UCCNZFJ Fleet. In an uncertain situation, these drones will be able to quickly jump into the area, scan for hostiles, and remove the danger before the main fleet arrives. Use for longer range reconnaissance has also been considered, and will form part of the next funding proposal.
- from UCCNZFJ Military Funding Application c. 2071

Draco Class Fighter

Why does the UCCNZFJ need fighters? Isn't the UCCNZFJ meant to be a peaceful organisation? That's entirely right, we are. But we don't know what's out there in the Universe, or what sort of catastrophic individuals might appear on Earth, and we need to remain prepared. The Draco, however, isn't just a weapon: its value in refuelling and resupplying larger ships cannot be understated.
- UCCNZFJ statement, c. 2078

Sagittarius Class Battleship

Back in the 20th Century, governments constructed enormous battleships to wrest control of the oceans and keep their lands safe. In the 21st Century, governments are now constructing enormous battleships to wrest control of the stars, but from whom? The UCCNZFJ say they can be used to help maintain order and freedom, but through the medium of pointing guns at everyone?
- Internet article, c. 2073

Hydra Class Carrier

The Hydra Class Spacecraft Carrier is a complete waste of time, money, and resources. But holy f@$k does it look awesome!!! +1
- Internet article, c. 2077