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Standard Equipment

All ships that are part of the Fleet have a set of standard equipment. You do not need to memorise this and cannot change this at ship creation, but rather this list exists as a definitive list of the bare minimum that all ships will have. You can choose to know this IC or not at your discretion.

Every ship in the Fleet is equipped with the following equipment as standard:

  • One (1) standard cockpit complete with ship control panel, observation screen, and simple short range sensors for detecting nearby ships and obstacles.
  • One (1) basic medical treatment facility: a small kit for treating minor injuries, manned by an autonomous agent for the tending of minor wounds.
  • One (1) Faster Than Light Drive capable of safely and efficiently jumping the entire vessel from one star system to an adjacent one at the cost of one unit of solid FTL Drive Fuel (aka 'Deimium').
  • One (1) artificial gravity generator capable of keeping the inside of the ship under “Earth-normal” gravitational force.
  • Complete communications rig capable of making contact with ships up to three FTL jumps away and capable of allowing all crew on a ship to join a telepresence conference call hosted by another ship.
  • Basic autopilot capable of flying the ship along a pre-plotted course or following another designated ship.
  • Fully functional landing gear for landing safely on approved decks.

On top of this, every ship also comes with one piece of Specialist Equipment. Some ship classes (such as the Hydra Class Carrier) come with an additional piece of Bonus Equipment: if you have such a ship you may still choose a piece of Specialist Equipment from the list given here.

For those who are still thinking 'but what if I want another system as well?', see Specialist Equipment Modifiers below.

Specialist Equipment

Advanced Autopilot

Your ship is equipped with an Advanced Autopilot Facility that will competently fly your ship, attempting to evade and dodge obstacles in combat to the ability level of an unspecialised pilot.

Advanced Life Support

The life support systems on your ship are capable of comfortably supporting 100% more population than the stock systems would allow. It is worth noting that this is due to an increase in quality, rather than space. You can simply support more people per cubic-metre.

Automated Security Systems

Your ship is proofed against both physical and cyber attack. Systems on your ship's main point of entry will identify and prevent unauthorised access to your ship (through the medium of sealed bulkheads), and your ship's computerised systems will take enhanced preventative action against attempts to access your ship electronically.

Automated Weapons Systems

Your ship's weapons are automated to shoot enemy targets on sight, depending on who you tell it you have classed as “the enemy”.

Hangar Deck

A Hangar Deck is capable of storing smaller ships (and is consequently only available to ships of size tier 3 or higher). A hangar deck can store 2 ships two tiers of size lower than your own, or 6 ships of three tiers of size lower.

For instance, a Sagittarius Class Battleship (size tier 3) can house 2 Scorpio Class Drones (size tier 1), while a Hydra Class Carrier (size tier 4) can house either 2 Draco Class Fighters (size tier 2), 6 Scorpio Class Drones (size tier 1) or a combination thereof!

(Note: Be aware that FTL Fuel aboard ships inside a Carrier still count for the Carrier's total FTL Fuel capacity: there cannot be more than 3 units of fuel aboard the Carrier including ships it's carrying)


You have a holographic relaxation suite on your ship. Casually, this can be used for entertainment, or any virtual reality use you can think of. More practically, this allows you to host a small telepresence conference for 5-6 people.

Hospital Bay

More advanced than standard basic medical treatment facility, this sterile and stable environment is suitable for long-term care and advanced surgery. Unmanned, the automated systems will deal with serious first aid (such as closing large open wounds), and manned by someone with the right skills this can be used safely for delicate surgery (such as open heart or brain surgery).

Laboratory / Workshop

This is a large area for the purposes of both Science and Engineering, with equipment to facilitate both the construction and repair of mechanical devices, as well as long-term scientific research of most types.

Long Range Scanners

You have access to a low-level reading at Light Speed of what is within one jump (10LY) of your current system (of decreasing quality at range).

Panic Room / Vault

You have a room on your ship that can be locked to securely keep people out (or in), which allows communication with the outside world if anyone inside wants it.

Salvage Arms / Mining Equipment

You have equipment capable of safely recovering debris and detritus from space, given the time to sit and do so. It is also capable of mining for resources on rocks (such as asteroids), again given enough time.

Sensor Jammer

For short bursts of time, you can jam all of the sensors belonging to a target ship. It will be obvious that their sensors are being jammed, but not necessarily from where the jamming is coming from.

Black Market Equipment

You have acquired a non-standard specialised part of ship less than legitimately. ​ It's got some cool features but could get you in trouble and may be somewhat experimental. Tell the GMs what sort of equipment you're looking for and the Black Market will provide you a piece of equipment upon publishing your ship.

Optional Extras

After you have chosen your Specialist Equipment you may find that you want something else as well or that you don't want the rest of the fleet to know exactly what it is you have. That's were the 'Optional Extras' come in. You may, if you wish, take one of these options once to either add another piece of equipment or enhance your current piece. You also don't have to take this if you don't want to.

Kerbal-Grade Spaceship

For if you want something additional from the equipment list above

Some of your ship isn't constructed very well. Parts keep falling off, occasionally the engine stalls at inconvenient moments or the weapons are prone to jamming. Whatever the problem is, it seems to change every time and isn't something you're easily going to fix.​ Pick a system, or one of your now two pieces of Specialist Equipment, and explain what you think is wrong with it. The GMs will decide what the problem really is…

Secret Parts

For if you want to hide your Specialist Equipment or the balance of you Ship Systems

Some how you have managed to hide part of your ship on the official manifest. Instead, something else fills its place, be it a simple storage cupboard, a medical bay or a touch more in hull defence instead of weapons.​ You can choose for either a rank of a subsystem or a piece of Special Equipment to not appear on your ship's manifest when it's requested or inspected and tell us what you would like to have appear instead. This may well have Repercussions if discovered.

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