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Earth is lost. Only a few thousand remain. Running.

Citizens of the Fleet,

As we enter the twenty-fourth week of our exodus from Earth, we should soon reach the Salvation Fleet at Elentis 227a. As the Princess Transport's Cyber-Conference Centre has now had its functionality restored, I invite you all to a meeting on 2082-06-08 at 1930. At least one member of each ship should be in attendance to discuss immediate plans for survival, and to confirm the current course to Elentis 227a.

These meetings will be critical for the future survival of the human race.

We will see you there.

Acting Cpt. Alexis Holttman
Princess Transport


Princess is the Trinity 2016 Society Game for Oxford University Roleplaying Games Society. Players play crew on spaceships fleeing Earth's destruction, searching for a new life in space. An exploratory fleet has gone ahead of them, which they are heading to meet with, while being sure they have not brought any of Earth's problems with them…

The game is horror based, primarily PvE, with hard resources and soft science with inspirations drawn from the hideous lovechild of every bit of space-based fiction the GMs have ever encountered and every horror trope they've come across. More information on style, tone and inspirations can be found on the Style and Tone page.


Sessions for Princess will run on Tuesdays, 7.30pm-10.30pm in the Gibbs Room in Keble College (See When and Where). Sessions will begin at 7.30pm but players are free to arrive from 7.00pm.

As ever, details of the Setting and System for the game can be found using the menu on the left. If you are new to roleplaying, we recommend you first take a look at this Introduction page.

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