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Space Map

Every ship is equipped with a navigational computer capable of displaying a star map based on current location. This map manifests itself in the form of a hexagonal grid – each hex represents a system that can be jumped to and adjacent hexes can be jumped between. It takes 1 unit of fuel to perform a single jump between two adjacent hexes.

Much information gleaned from Space Telescopes has been found to be out of date due to issues of relativity, but the information determined by sensors on the Slipstream is considered accurate. Information about distant systems has relied on dated Space Telescope information, but information about the location of Black Holes and Nebulae are hoped to be accurate to a few systems.

Current Information

Confirmed information about systems that The Princess has passed through, or information that The Slipstream has determined with its Long Range Scanners are made public here. Captains of ships in the fleet are welcome to make requests for information to be added or removed from the map by making a request at The Lobby during Fleet-wide conferences.

Highlighted systems in the map below have been visited by The Princess on its journey so far. Click to zoom and enhance.

Star Systems

This table contains additional information about star systems, sorted by distance from the Princess's current location.

Distance System Information
Current System Deep Space Sector 10 Empty Sector
1 Jump Heracles II Dense asteroid field present but no minerals detected
Nebula Large nebula spanning multiple sectors
Pandora 12 Gas giants
Vega 7 Black Hole with Planet. Salvation Fleet
2 Jumps 87.a5 Small asteroid field containing many (now depleted) metal deposits
Arcturus Major Electrical Storm. Unsafe
Deep Space Sector 4 Empty sector
Elentis 227a Wrecked planet
Eta Helion Habitable planet
GX-870 Black Hole. Incredibly unsafe.
Psion 445b Potentially habitable planet present
3 Jumps Arcturus Minor Binary star system with a few small orbiting planets of little value
Elysium V A planet here has a small amount of water and atmos. supporting wheat fields. Cannot support human life.
Nova 8 Planet with toxic plantlife present
Orpheus IV Planetary bodies of little value
Further Alpha C5 Asteroid Field with Earth Mining Colony
Ceti 11 Small asteroid field. Resources for engineering purposes could be mined here
Earth See History
Elysium IV Ice planet present
Mobius 92 A few planets of little note. Wreckage of Last Train Home and floating body in EVA suit. DO NOT APPROACH
Upsilon 8 5 gas giants mostly composed of hydrogen and helium
Tau Leyti Ill-fated Earth Colony

Path to Elentis 227a

The path from Earth to Elentis 227a is documented below, alongside brief information about systems detected along the way as the basic (10LY range) sensors and advanced sensors (20LY range) on the Slipstream were gradually repaired and brought online. Click for enlarged version.

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