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You watch as each ship in turn disconnects from the meeting, heading back to their daily attempts at survival. Eventually you do the same. As the scenery around you drops out of sight and you return to your own job aboard your own ship, you wonder, what exactly are your plans for the next three weeks?

Between each session of Princess is three IC week's worth of downtime. This covers the amount of time that The Princess needs to cool down, be repaired and to spool up again between each FTL jump. During this time, players can communicate via e-mail and take actions as conveyed to the GM team through a Turnsheet.


We are running an in-character email system for this game. Email addresses will be based off the character names e.g., and can be found in each character's public bio on the characters page. GM’s are copied into all IC e-mails as well, so as to keep track of plans and developing themes in the game. They do not at all quote Roz from Monsters Inc.

How to Turnsheet

At the bottom of your user page should be a series of red links, named 'Turnsheet #'. These link to pages that don't exist yet, so when you are ready to begin writing up your actions, click on the link for that week and then click the “pencil and plus sign” icon on the right hand toolbar to get started. Hovering over it will bring up the “Create this page” dialog.

Once created, the turnsheet page will have a handy dandy template to save you time and to allow your GM easy reading. You don’t have to stick to it 100%, but similar layouts allows us to quickly and easily see what you are attempting to do with your time.

Once you are happy with your turnsheet, click the save button in the bottom left and BAM - one turnsheet that both you and all the GMs can see. It’s worthwhile doing a quick preview before saving, to check that everything reads how you want it to, but don’t forget to then save.

You can continue to edit your turnsheet until the deadline (Midnight between Thursday and Friday) as nothing will be taken as final by the GMs until that point.

In Princess players will be able to take up to three major actions as well as some minor actions over the course of the three weeks.

Major Action

A major action is something that it would take your character significant time and effort to accomplish. Examples include:

  • Going on a mission to explore a neighbouring hex
  • Fixing up a destroyed part of your ship
  • Investigating goings on within the fleet

Your actions should each include an overarching goal of what you want to achieve, a plan of how you intend to achieve it, and a note of what skills and traits you think might be useful to, or affect the action. Be sure to note other PCs or NPCs who are involved in your action in the relevant section of the template too!

Try an be as concise as possible when writing your plans. Don’t try to achieve too much with one action and remember that longer plans don’t always mean better plans. Breaking a bigger plan into two actions may make it easier for you to achieve the results you want.

If in doubt, ask. Please do contact the GMs and we will do our best to help with any action or skill based queries you may have.

Minor Action

A minor action is something that takes little time or effort to do, and doesn't advance the plot significantly. Examples include:

  • Having space tea and space crumpets with another player
  • Sending a space package to somebody in the same system
  • Buying a space rattlesnake statue

You can have as many minor actions as you want within reason, but they should each be limited to one or two sentences of description. The GMs reserve the right to ignore minor actions if they become too numerous / significant.

If your minor action is to accompany other players on their major actions (e.g. “I board the Millennium Falcon to aid Han Solo with the Sith threat”), you will not be very useful to the action (i.e. your skills will not be taken into consideration), and will not get any personal benefit from the action. If the action would require significant time or effort just to tag along, the GMs reserve the right to say your character is too busy to attend.

If you are giving an item to another player please note this in your minor actions, even if the actual passing over of the items happens in session, in emails, or in another major action. This makes it much easier for us to keep track of who has what. It can be helpful to list any items you are expecting to receive, but if you put it in your turnsheet and the sender does not turnsheet to give the item to you, the response will likely be along the lines of “You wait patiently, but Mario never arrives with your princess”.


In Princess, there is no automatic character advancement like there has been in recent Society Games. Instead, the only way to advance your character's skills is through them actively working to improve them as part of a major turnsheet action. See Advancement for examples on how to use your action to advance.


The deadline for turnsheets is Midnight between the Thursday and Friday after session. This is a strict deadline as the GM team need time to read through and prepare in advance for our meeting Friday night. This is also to benefit you as it’s really not fair to be kept up waiting for that crucial plan defining e-mail until 3am in the morning. We do know life gets in the way sometimes and late turnsheets do happen, but please do let us know so we can accommodate it into our plans and we reserve the right to be grumpy should it become a regular occurrence or you fail to let us know.


We will aim to get a response to your turnsheet to you before session begins each week. These responses will be added to the end of your submitted turnsheet on the wiki. Your GM will email you when they have completed your turnsheet response, but it's worth checking your turnsheet to be sure. If you have any questions about your turnsheet response, contact your GM before the start of the session and we'll try to clear everything up.

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