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News for Session 5

State of the Fleet

ZG5L Princess

  • Fuel remaining: 436 Units
  • Fuel outlook: Sustainable.
    • 59 units have been used in the last 3 weeks
    • Potential additional fuel located in Vega 7
    • At current rate of consumption, ZG5L fuel supply will deplete in 155 days.
  • Hull integrity: Good
  • Ship repair report:
    • Damage from battle in Elentis repaired.
    • Ship is in good condition.


  • Location of ZG5L Princess: GX-870
  • Celestial Bodies: Massive Black Hole. Ships are advised to maintain caution and stay out of the gravitational pull of the Black Hole
  • Planetary Bodies: None
  • Other Notable Features: None


  • Ships Responding: 42
    • Ships in GX-870: 32
    • Ships in Vega 7: 9
    • Ships Elsewhere: 1
  • Estimated Total Population: 1700
    • Several deaths occurred in Elentis 227a and GX-870
    • Fleet has been under direct apparition attack for 4.5 weeks.
  • Details: The Fleet.
    • Incorrect or out of date information should be reported to The Lobby.

Sensor Readings

The following low level readings have been gleaned by the Advanced Long Range Scanners aboard the Slipstream and are presented for general information, listed clockwise as per the Space Map

  • Psion 445b
    • Planetary bodies detected
  • Deep Space Sector 9
    • Nothing of interest detected
  • Heracles II
    • Asteroid field
  • Deep Space Sector 4
    • Nothing of interest detected
  • Elentis 227a
    • Wrecked Deimium planet. Large apparition ship previously sighted.
  • Deep Space Sector 3
    • Nothing of interest detected

The following information has been shared from systems surrounding Vega 7:

  • Vega 5
    • Asteroid field detected
  • Vega 5
    • Neutron star detected
  • Apollo Gamma
    • Asteroid field detected
  • Vega 6
    • Asteroid field detected

Apparition Assaults: Quarantine Ineffective

For the three weeks, the Fleet Patrol has reported a number of apparition-related attacks on the Fleet. The patrol has done its best to destroy these threats, notably a Carrier which launched a barrage of giant wasp swarms at the Fleet, and the arrival of the enormous ship sighted in Elysium V during the final minutes of the Princess's spool cycle.

Apparitions have been sighted on many ships across the Fleet: Quarantine does not appear to be effective in determining whether or not a ship is still susceptible to Apparition appearances, not in saving people from being attacked by the monstrosities that appear.

Memorandum Quarantined

Following an apparition attack on the Memorandum, Captain Laurie McLaughlin has locked down the ship - ignoring the pleas of those who are pointing out that quarantine does not work, and the Memorandum provides too useful a service to be withheld from the Fleet.

Woden Morello, who was off the Memorandum at the time the lockdown was initiated, is appealing for others to help negotiate with his captain.

(OOC note: until further notice, it is not possible to access the Memorandum for training specialisations. General skills can still be trained remotely.

Petri Gromov Murdered

The respected retired Counter Admiral of the Russian Navy, Petri Gromov, has been cruelly cut down while in command of the HMCS Renown, which had recently sustained significant damage during Gromov's noble defence of the fleet in Elentis 227a. We are not here to dwell on the horrible manner in which he died, or the fate which those who tortured him so cruelly surely deserve*, but to remember the life's work of a good and noble man, who died doing what he believed in: defending his crew.

He will be missed.

*OOC: see later news item…

Barnaby Tuttle Murdered

Dr Barnaby Tuttle, formerly of the Hussar has been found killed* aboard the Asi in an alleged apparition attack.

Dr Tuttle's work has been invaluable in the Fleet for investigating many strange occurrences and psychologically evaluating those who have been considered potentially apparition-ridden, allowing them to get on with their lives once cleared. He's been described as helpful, friendly, and an asset to the Fleet and his crew.

He will be missed.

*OOC: see further news

Marian Stride Sacrifice

Cpt. Stride of the Nemesis, leading member of the Earth Evacuation Security Task Force has died in a noble sacrifice in Elentis 227a. Her sacrifice, along with those of Lt. Rain and Sunny Levinson enabled the Princess to escape certain destruction.

Cpt. Stride's efforts to protect the Fleet have characterised her entire life since the evacuation, and her endeavour to ensure the safety and security of innocent people characterised her life on Earth. Though strict and hard, Stride's leadership inspired many to join to defend innocents, and to make the Fleet a better place. Cpt. Stride's memory shall be long remembered, as will her sacrifice.

She will be missed.

Rain Sacrifice

Lt. Rain of the Nemesis, and member of the Earth Evacuation Security Task Force has nobly sacrificed himself to allow the Princess to escape certain destruction.

Rain has been celebrated across the Fleet for his work aiding the security efforts of EESTF, keeping the Fleet safer, as well as contributing greatly to the work aboard the St Nikolaos to keep peace and improve the situation for those living aboard it. Rain's commitment to the Nemesis and to Cpt. Stride is renowned across the Fleet, with loyalty that inspires many. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.

He will be missed.

Sunny Levinson Sacrifice

Sunny Levinson, formerly of the Hussar, has been killed in a noble sacrifice in Elentis 227a which enabled the Princess to avoid certain destruction.

Levinson, who served under Cpt. Rosenberg aboard the Hussar is a face many across the Fleet know for her work helping to fix problems: on the Hephaestus, on the Princess, and aboard the Memorandum. Her smile and glittery personality brought hope to many, and her sacrifice will not be forgotten.

She will be missed.

Maja Petrovic Killed

Maja Petrovic, resident aboard the St Nikolaos was killed during the horrifying events aboard the Slipstream at the Ball. Her family have been informed, and those who knew Maja say that she was “definitely well meaning” and “really nice if you got to know her”.

She will be missed.

UCSS Kyoto Destroyed

During the Battle of Elentis 227a, during which the Nemesis and Morning Star bravely sacrificed themselves, the UCSS Kyoto was obliterated by a superweapon aboard the apparition ship now presumed to be sitting in Elentis 227a. Eye-witnesses describe the destruction as instant and total. 30 souls were lost, including that of Captain Nash Carter, who laid down their lives defending the Princess and the future of humanity.

They will be missed.

Apollo Leonard Alleged Murderer

Apollo Leonard has been accused of the murder of Barnaby Tuttle following being found aboard the Asi in the same room as Dr Tuttle who was found dead, apparently poisoned. The two were reportedly having drinks together when Dr Leonard alleges that apparitions attacked. Accusations of murder have since been made by the crew who were called to alarm by Dr Leonard himself.

No judgment or trial has yet been made.

Mari Martinez, Barnaby Tuttle, Luxe Rosenberg: Alleged Murderers

Heavily censored footage is making its way around the fleet, broadcast from the HMCS Renown shortly before Luxe Rosenberg assumed its control under unclear circumstances. It shows Mari Martinez cutting her way through several of the crew on board, before Mari and Barnaby Tuttle are seen tying Petri Gromov to a bunk and torturing him to death. Since Charmaine Lockhart says that Counter-Admiral Gromov intended to pass control of the Renown to her if he left for Vega 7, the popular assumption seems to be that Luxe Rosenberg must have ordered this hit so she could take control of the ship first.

Salvation Reached

Communications have been received that the Bucephalus and the Bolygo Fleet successfully have arrived in Vega 7 and secured four of the five ships there. The teams remain in Vega 7 for the time being, due to technical difficulties in returning the UCSS Deliverance, and the length of the journey.

Slipstream Ball Horrifying

The supposed PR stunt hosted by one Katherine Harte aboard the Slipstream last week is being slated as a complete disaster. Reports are varied but each have one thing in common, apparitions appearing in their masses and spreading horror throughout the originally pleasant evening. It is unanimously agreed, also, that the death of one Maja Patrove was due to the appearance of faceless dancers - though nobody can confirm just now they managed it.

Ivanka Chu has, thus far, been unavailable for comment on this series of events.

You Won't Believe Which Famous Person Has Gone Missing In The Fleet

Suva Conspirators EXPOSED, Lockhart Locked Up

A shocking conspiracy to seize power on the UCSS Suva has been revealed, and the perpetrators named! According to sources, the recent deposition of Justine Garceau from command of the ship was orchestrated by Ezra Whateley and the Lieutenant Joyce. By placing Commander Lockhart in charge of the ship, they hoped to use their favour with her to elevate themselves to a position of great power and influence in the fleet. Whether either was aware of Lockhart's involvement in the nuclear annihilation of Earth is unknown, but the common theory is that Ezra used his phoney credentials as a 'doctor' to cover up Lockhart's Apparition influences. Given that he apparently sleeps in the coffins of those he plans to do away with, this seems entirely in-character for Ezra, say most.

The UCSS Suva is currently without an official captain, though Justine Garceau has adopted a position of control to fill the vacuum. Her first act has been to imprison Lockhart in the brig until charges relating to the mutiny can be brought.

St Nikolaos Election Results

Following elections on the St Nikolaos, Ashmi Kaur has been elected as the candidate for Captaincy of the ship, with Sandra Vela (a popular figure aboard the ship) coming a close second joining her with four other members of the ship as a council. Cartwright has been given his notice, Ashmi is expected to take the position of Captain around the next Conference.

Hephaestus Out Of Resources

Salma Rhozali has reported that following mass fleet repair operations, the Hephaestus is now out of mined resources. If any further resources are to be used, mining on mineral rich asteroids or on a suitable planetary object will be required. Salma has also suggested that this could be a good time for the weary crew of the Hephaestus to swap out for other members of the Fleet who have not been working constant manual labour for the last several years.

Andrei and Eloise Held Responsible for Slipstream "Mystery Meat"

After months of speculation, the mystery of the meat was finally put to rest at the last conference, when Apollo Leonard - a doctor formally aboard the Nemesis - declared loudly that it had tested positively as human. The weeks that followed have been filled with investigation, the details of which we are now able to share.

It would seem that Andrei Chu, the Slipstreams Captain, and Eloise Walker, the Slipstreams Head Chef, were to blame, one carrying out the murders of the refugees, and suspected other unknown victims while the other cooked up the gruesome meals. It is yet unconfirmed exactly how much Ivanka Chu - the infamous Owner of the Slipstream - knew about the whole affair, though general opinion seems to be spreading that she was hiding the ordeal out of her strong love for the people onboard her ship and a desire to protect them.

When the investigating party went to confine Andrei Chu, they found him in a bloody state and in serious need of medical attention. He is now recovering under surveillance.

Eloise has yet to be apprehended having fled the Slipstream. She is believed to be aboard the Fire Escape with her suspected partner, Andi Ferrion.

Fleet Repairs Successful

Following the gallant efforts of Natalia Rodchenko, Patch, Ari Price, Jakob van Dalen, Luuk van Dalen, Kiernan Healy, Julianne Relley, Julian Shepard and Hansel Kassmeyer, several of the damaged ships in the fleet have now been repaired, and several upgrades have been made to their weapons systems.

Justice System Proposed

A simple protocol has been established by Luxe Rosenberg, Head of Internal Security, for the punishment of convicted criminals. Given the Fleet's status as the last refuge of humanity, the practice of execution for criminals is hereby forbidden. By similar reasoning, imprisonment as a punishment is strongly discouraged. Upon conviction for criminal activity, criminals are instead to be transferred, via the Internal Security division, to the Hephaestus, where they will be punished by a term of manual labour, under careful supervision and guard. This policy has been approved by Alexis Holttman and Layne Cosh, however any queries or concerns should be directed to Luxe Rosenberg.

In related news, word from the Princess is that the sabotage charges against John Roper have been dropped, however both he and Julian Shepard have been banished from the ship by order or Alexis Holttman. The circumstances around this remain unclear.

Alexis Holttman Health Improving

Alexis has recently sent a short message around all ships apologising for her lack of concentration at the last conference: apparently she's feeling considerably better now and hopes to be able to deal with any new crises with rather more energy.


  • Salvation was a lie.
  • The Nemesis was a set-up.
  • The Chosen One has been found!
  • The entire crew of the Hussar are horrible awful people, even the dead ones.
  • Mari Martinez is an abomination Apparition spawn! Barnaby Tuttle probably was too!
  • If an invisible Apparition is shut in a box, does it make a sound?
  • The Fire Escape salvaged way more than it can possibly have needed from the floating wreckage of the battle.

OOC Notices

Tonight we are in the Roy Griffiths Room, not the Gibbs Room, in Keble College. Same time as usual.

To reiterate from above, while the Memorandum is in lockdown, you cannot train specialisations on the Memorandum. Specialisations may be taught from one character to another by each teacher and student spending an action.

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