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News for Session 4

State of the Fleet

ZG5L Princess

  • Fuel remaining: 495 Units
  • Fuel outlook: Sustainable.
    • 44 units have been used in the last 3 weeks
    • Acquisition of 150 units of fuel from mining operations was good for the number of ships involved.
    • At current rate of consumption, ZG5L fuel supply will deplete in 237 days.
  • Hull integrity: Good
  • Ship repair report:
    • All sabotage damage repaired. Ship is in good condition.


  • Location of ZG5L Princess: Elentis 227a
  • Celestial Bodies: G0V Dwarf Star
  • Planetary Bodies: Small earth-sized orbiting planets, including one cataclysmically destroyed with large amounts of debris floating about the atmosphere.
    • Entering the atmosphere of this planet is risky:
      • Hull 1 is sufficient but presents problems for long term presence. Hull 2 is necessary for long term operations without incident.
      • Experienced piloting is required to avoid catastrophic collisions with debris.
      • Heat in the planet's crater is high
  • Other Notable Features: Tachyon Signature of planet is eclipsed by Tachyon signature of ZG5L


  • Ships Responding: 44
    • Ships in Elentis 227a: 43
    • Ships in Elysium V: 1
  • Estimated Total Population: 1784
    • Several deaths occurred in 87.a5, Elysium V, and Elysium IV.
    • Fleet has been under direct apparition attack for 1.5 weeks.
  • Details: The Fleet.
    • Incorrect or out of date information should be reported to The Lobby.

Sensor Readings

The following low level readings have been gleaned by the Advanced Long Range Scanners aboard the Slipstream and are presented for general information, listed clockwise as per the Space Map

  • Deep Space Sector 3
    • Nothing of interest detected
  • GX-870
    • Black hole detected.
  • Deep Space Sector 4
    • Now visited, nothing else of interest detected.
  • Elysium V
    • Previously visited food planet
  • Deep Space Sector 1
    • Nothing of interest detected
  • Deep Space Sector 2
    • Nothing of interest detected

Apparition Assaults

For the last week and a half, the Fleet Patrol has reported a number of apparition-related attacks on the Fleet. The patrol has done its best to destroy these threats, but they correlate with reports from Elysium IV and Elysium V. Ships in the Fleet are asked to be vigilant for any apparition appearances and report them immediately.

Raina Bells van Dalen Missing Presumed Dead

Cpt. Raina Bells van Dalen of the Battle of Lyndanisse has not been seen since she departed on her ship to commence mining operations in 87.a5. It has been assumed that she, her 2 crew that joined her, and the Lyndanisse have not survived.

Cpt. Bells van Dalen was well loved throughout the Fleet, by her brothers, and by none more than her husband Bradley. Her brave actions were recently celebrated for enabling the survival of herself and Cpt. Julianne Relley in desperate apparition-related problems in Elysium IV, and she has been praised for her help aboard the St Nikolaos in the days following the revelations in Arcturus Minor.

She will be missed.

Felix Weber Missing Presumed Dead

Cpt. Felix Weber of the Durandal and Grayson Security has been reported missing and presumed dead on the ice planet in Elysium IV. The Durandal has not been recovered.

Cpt. Weber is known throughout the Fleet for his superb and diligent piloting. The presence of the Durandal about the Fleet and around the Grayson Fleet is widely praised for bringing hope and a feeling of security to the Fleet, and his bravery was marked by his willingness to investigate the UCSS Hope, bringing the Fleet the first glimpses of data from the Salvation. He is said to have sacrificed himself while covering the evacuation of others from the planet. His sacrifice will not be in vain.

He will be missed.

Bradley Bells van Dalen Killed

Lt. Bradley Bells van Dalen of the Earth Evacuation Security Task Force has reportedly been killed in action in Elysium IV aboard the Fragarach, along with several members of its crew. The Fragarach itself survived.

Lt. Bells van Dalen has been described as selfless and heroic by those who knew him, and no moreso than in his death as he fearlessly commanded the Fragarach against an onslaught. His actions to ease suffering and distribute aid aboard the St Nikolaos stand out in particular as marking him as a beacon of hope to those aboard that ship, and he has been praised across the Fleet. Loved by none moreso than his wife, Raina: whose recent passing is all too coincidentally tragic.

He will be missed.

Hubris Killed

Cpt. Hubris of the Icarus has reportedly been killed in apparition-related activity in Elysium V. His father, Ichabod, is said to be distraught and has yet to be available for comment. The Icarus has been salvaged.

Those who knew Hubris have spoken of his attentiveness, his generosity, and his drive to do the best for the Fleet. His work in enabling quick analysis of the catastrophe in Elentis 227a is particularly praised for enabling the Fleet to understand what happened and what to do next. Most of all, he is praised for achieving so much despite his debilitating mobility issues and having to remain confined to his ship. In a time of darkness, Hubris's determination is an example to us all.

He will be missed.

Caliburn Destroyed

The Caliburn has been destroyed beyond salvageability in Deep Space Sector 1. Nobody was hurt in the incident.

Revised Quarantine Procedures

The following procedures have been drawn up by collaboration of several advisors throughout the Princess Fleet and are expected to be followed throughout the Fleet.

Imposing Quarantine

  • Quarantine has serious implications for a ship that is quarantined and should be applied seriously and without being rushed into. As such, Official Quarantine can only be imposed by the agreement of two (2) Captains of ships in the Princess Fleet upon the confirmation of certain apparition involvement. Such certainty should arise from:
    • Actual sightings of creatures aboard ships
    • Actual sightings of supernatural occurrences
    • Confirmed evaluations of crewmembers acting irrationally.
  • The following are non-exhaustive examples which would not be considered certainty for apparition involvement:
    • Poisoned food
    • Missing belongings
    • Anonymous messages
  • The following are non-exhaustive examples which would be considered certainty for apparition involvement
    • There is a giant monster eating off the face of my Leiutenant
    • Blood dripping from the walls of the ship
    • My ship's doctor was seen climbing the ceiling of the cargo bay

Conditions of Quarantine

  • A ship under Official Quarantine comes under the following rules:
    • Communications are not to be accepted from this ship for the duration of its Quarantine
    • Anything that comes into contact with the Quarantined ship for the duration of the Quarantine is also subject to Quarantine. Supplies may be dropped off but must be done so at a distance of 10 Light Minutes away from the ship in question to avoid becoming subject to Quarantine.
    • The ship in question must not approach ships which are not under Quarantine and must remain 20 Light Minutes away from the rest of the Fleet.
    • All ships in the Fleet are to respect the Official Quarantine regulations or risk being fired upon.

Ending Quarantine

  • Official Quarantine may only be ended by the agreement of two (2) expert opinions. Such opinions are defined as being from either Senior Captains or Senior Scientific Advisors. This list, which is subject to amendment, is currently defined as:
    • The Captain of the ZG5L – currently Alexis Holttman.
    • The Captain of the St Nikolaos – currently Matthew Cartwright.
    • The Captain of the Hephaestus – currently Layne Cosh.
    • The Captain of the Memorandum – currently Laurie McLaughlin.
    • The Head of External Security for the Fleet – currently Natalia Rodchenko of the Asi.
    • The Head of Internal Security for the Fleet – currently Luxe Rosenberg of the Hussar.
    • The Speaker of the Union of Independent Captains – currently Aaron Phillips of the Bucephalus.
    • The Fleet's Authority on Apparition Research – currently Scipio Surran of the Zarathustra, leader of TEMPEST.
  • Excepting exceptional circumstances, ending Quarantine requires a complete scan of the ship leaving Quarantine to the satisfaction of the two expert opinions ending the Quarantine.

Unofficial Quarantine

  • Unofficial Quarantine may be imposed on a ship by its Captain and only its Captain. This Quarantine may be upgraded to Official Quarantine by the agreement of another Captain in the Princess Fleet. Other ships in the Fleet are not required to respect an Unofficial Quarantine, but should the Quarantine be made Official may be subject to that Quarantine as well.

Proposals for WMD Procedures

Following the revelation of the possession of nuclear weapons by a member of the Princess Fleet, the following protocols are proposed for the handling of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in the Princess Fleet.

  • Any member of the Fleet who is in possession of WMDs should make themselves known to the Head of Internal Security, the Head of External Security, and to the Captain of the ZG5L.
  • Any member of the Fleet who is aware of the possession of WMDs should make these known to the Head of Internal Security, the Head of External Security, and to the Captain of the ZG5L.
  • Such WMDs should be disarmed and dismantled as a matter of priority.
  • Anyone who is founding hiding (or complicit in the hiding of) WMDs will be treated as a threat to Fleet security.

Lockhart Replaces Garceau as Captain of UCSS Suva

Following discussions aboard the UCSS Suva about the recent FTL jump away from the Fleet for fear of nuclear weapon strikes (a decision condemned across the Fleet), Justine Garceau has been relieved of duty and exiled aboard the St Nikolaos.

Garceau has been replaced by Charmaine Lockhart, rescued from Pandora 12 by Bolygo Enterprises and cleared for duty by both Decebal Korica and Suva doctor Ezra Whateley. Cdr. Lockhart has assured the Fleet that such rash and foolish action will not be taken again by the Orion Class vessel so long as she remains in command.

Dossier from Salvation

Cdr. Lockhart has provided the following breakdown of information about the Salvation Fleet's make-up. Further information is available on request from the former Admiral.

UCSS Salvation

  • Ship Class: Osiris Class Advanced Civilian Transport Vessel
  • Description: This is the mainstay of the Fleet. It houses hundreds and hundreds of people, and is what we were meant to protect. They would be the ones to colonise, to start a new planet. The ship itself is capable of FTL jumping once a day and can carry 5 units of FTL Fuel.
  • Population: 599
  • Current Location: Vega 7

UCSS Resurrection

  • Ship Class: Khnum Class Advanced Terraforming Transport
  • Description: This ship transported everything we had available to terraform a planet's surface to be habitable, even its atmosphere. Ghenadie Bolygo was particularly influential on here and supplied a lot of advice to members of the Fleet. The ship could jump once a day and carry 5 units of FTL Fuel.
  • Population: 100
  • Current Location: Vega 7

UCSS Triumphant

  • Ship Class: Sobek Class Advanced Warship
  • Description: This was here to protect us if things went south. Armed to the teeth, it has hull tough enough to maybe even withstand an incidental nuclear strike (not to mention the arsenal to deliver its own). The ship could jump once a day and carry 5 units of FTL Fuel
  • Population: 100
  • Current Location: Vega 7

UCSS Destiny

  • Ship Class: Thoth Class Advanced Research Carrier
  • Description: Carrying most of the scientists that weren't interested in terraforming. I don't know what they were up to, stop asking. The ship could jump once a day and carry 5 units of FTL Fuel.
  • Population: 100
  • Current Location: Vega 7

UCSS Deliverance

  • Ship Class: Heka Class Advanced Fuel Transport
  • Description: This: the fuel supply for the Fleet. Much like your Princess, this ship could carry hundreds of units of fuel – 500 I believe we had upon leaving Earth, so around 430 when we got to Vega 7. It could jump once a day.
  • Population: 100
  • Current Location: Vega 7

Princess Sabotage Repaired, Saboteur in Custody

Magnus Hammarberg aboard the ZG5L reports that the repairs to the sabotage damage have been successful and that a suspect has been named and is being held in custody. Magnus thanks all those who came aboard the ZG5L to help with investigations and repairs.

St Nikolaos Peaceful, Proposing Democracy

Thanks to the incredible work and dedication of many across the Fleet, the St Nikolaos has become a peaceful place with the quality of life aboard drastically improved. The people in the Cargo Bays have places to live, constant access to fresh supplies and medical treatment, and the mood is increasingly positive.

Word has begun to spread that the people aboard the ship, dissatisfied with Matthew Cartwright's assumed leadership and representation, are angling for a democratic election of individuals to properly represent the hundreds aboard the ship (and indeed for those who lead the Fleet). Plans are yet to be properly drawn up, but if such an election were to occur, candidates would likely want to make themselves known at the next Conference.

Message from Dr Daniels

Dear All,

We spend so long thinking about the negatives that I want to send a shout out about some of the great things that we do.

Knowing that we need to work together, and knowing that every life matters, a huge number of people got together to assist the St Nicholas with one goal: to alleviate the suffering and troubles there.

Aaron Phillips, Fern McCoy, Ashmi Kaur, Wren Walker, Katherine Harte, Katya Thorsen, Decebal, Lee Livingstone, Luuk Van Dalen, Tessa Elation, Ray Dawson, Robbin Walker, Sergei Kovac, Apollo Leonard, Jimmy Walker and Tai Pullman all gave their time, energy, tears and effort to make life better for every single soul on board that ship.

It was an amazing effort and I'm so damned proud of everyone involved. Never give up because there's always hope, people.

Lexi Daniels

Fern McCoy and Ashmi Kaur Pillars of St Nikolaos

Due to their continued work to help those aboard the St Nikolaos in different ways, both Fern McCoy and Ashmi Kaur are recognised across the ship. Fern's work in quelling riots and organising security has made him a force to be reckoned with almost as much as Matthew Cartwright, while Ashmi's work ensuring a stable societal foundation has meant that many are aware of her and consider her a valuable asset to the community. Both have great support across the ship and if an election were to take place it is likely they would do well if they ran.

Pelorus Party Awful

Reports are circulating in the fleet of a party hosted by Sal Vasse on the Pelorus which went… not entirely to plan. Apparently tiny fluffy bunnies are very adorable until you try feeding them vodka and they morph into horrible giant things with tentacles and jaws and you have to fight your way off the ship with many heroic acts of derring-do. It's unclear how much these reports are real, and how much the vodka may be to blame.

Memorandum Archives Fixed

Laurie McLaughlin would like to thank Ichabod, Sunny Levinson, Kiernan Healy, Jakob van Dalen, Lucas Calderon, and Vryin Rosen for their tireless work in neutralising the virus sweeping through the Memorandum archives, and restoring the lost data. The exact origin of the virus, which has been codenamed “Rampage”, is unknown, but it is suspected to be linked to the documents which have recently been published around the Fleet.

Memorandum Top Secret Information Leak

The following information has been leaked from the Memorandum: Link

Laurie McLaughlin has issued the following statement about the leak:

“It is the right of all citizens to know what their governments are doing, and when their government is engaged in reprehensible actions, it is the duty of all citizens to be angry.”

Captain Stride Stripped of Power, Declared Unfit for Position

Following a trial aboard the UCSS Kyoto, Cpt. Marian Stride has been declared unfit to remain as Head of Internal Security across the Fleet.

While she has been cleared of allegations of negligence and corruption while leaving Earth, and not found solely to blame for catastrophes aboard the St Nikolaos and Slipstream, the trial found her judgment was becoming more clouded and following a psychological examination declared her unfit for the role.

Stride has been stripped of her position and sent back to the Nemesis. She remains Captain of the Nemesis as a matter for the EESTF to discuss.

Luxe Rosenberg and Natalia Rodchenko EXPOSED

Three weeks ago I brought you the shocking truth about Marian Stride, head of Internal Security, and now I bring you the TRUTH about the head of External Security and her partner in crime the new head of Internal Security.

Natalia Rodchenko may seem a disciplined military leader of the Fleet, she is in fact a massive hypocrite, having been kicked out of the armed forces for multiple counts of anger-fuelled insubordination. She claims to be doing the best for the Fleet by sitting in Elysium V on her own, but what is she really up to? Ordering crew to do whatever she says, putting their lives on the line despite the fact that she herself would never listen to orders. It's despicable behaviour – can the Fleet really tolerate such hypocrisy from a “Senior Captain”? What's worse is after these charges, Rodchenko completely dropped off the radar – where did she go? What did she do? Can we really trust someone like this?

And what about Cpt. Rosenberg? Surely she's a fine example of leadership compared to Stride? Ha! Rosenberg, much like Rodchenko, has a habit for not following orders: to the detriment and loss of life of her ENTIRE SQUAD. That's right, Rosenberg is guilty of gross negligence for refusing to shoot an apparition in the head and was the DIRECT CAUSE of the deaths of an entire squad of servicemen and women. And now we're expected to believe she'll not flinch to shoot an apparition now? The entire Fleet is in danger because of her actions: this reporter for one is having none of it.

– Amber Matsumo

Luxe Rosenberg Appointed Head of Internal Security

Following the trial of Cpt. Stride and the declaration of her unsuitability to remain has Head of Internal Security, Cpt. Luxe Rosenberg of the Hussar has been appointed interim Head of Internal Security with a view to taking the position permanently. This will need to be ratified at the next conference.

Cpt. Rosenberg is praised for keeping a level head where needed, and providing hard ferocity where it is due. She is wished the best of luck taking over from Cpt. Stride.

Following her appointment, Cpt. Rosenberg has delivered the following message to the Fleet:

This is Luxe Rosenberg of the Hussar:

Following the trial of Marian Stride, that she willingly submitted herself to, it has been decided that she is not fit to lead the Internal Security of the fleet. In the absence of a better candidate, I have stepped up to this task.

My intentions are first and foremost to reduce paranoia that resulted from Stride's action, and operate with honesty and openness. I will be happy to work with the UIC, and anyone else, whether they consider themselves civilian or military.

We must stand together.

Centennial Chicken Throws Out Refugees

Ari Price of the Centennial Chicken has reportedly threatened refugees that she kindly previously took aboard into leaving. The few that survived attacks in Elysium IV returned to the St Nikolaos in tears.

Teachers Wanted

The schooling system set up by Wren Walker is still going strong, with several people now benefitting from computing classes taught by Woden Morello, and world history classes taught by Vincent Smits - one of the Memorandum's volunteers.

Wren is looking for more teachers to help with the program - particularly those with a knowledge of engineering and medicine who are able to lend their time to teaching, putting together lesson plans, and assembling remote learning courses to be delivered via Fleet Street or Spacebook.


  • Stride and Chu are actually working together
  • Apparitions are dreams come to life
  • From Earth, Yours Sincerely is a better film than any ever made back on Earth
  • Slipstream food is MADE OF PEOPLE
  • Don't you think Alexis Holttman looks tired?
  • UCSS Tokyo was an inside job
  • You Should Forward Your Chain Mail
  • #StrideSucks
  • #RosenbergRotter
  • #RodchenkoRubbish
  • #AlliterationAnnoying
  • The symbol for Scion is Ç
  • We have nothing to fear but Phobos

OOC Notices

One quick note this time about Fleet-wide emails: given GMs (and players) are often busy on Thursday evenings, we're asking for any emails that want to be sent Fleet-wide to be sent to us by 8pm at the latest on Thursdays.

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