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News for Session 2

State of the Fleet

ZG5L Princess

  • Fuel remaining: 318 Units
  • Fuel outlook: Pessimistic.
    • 66 units of fuel have been used in the last 3 weeks.
    • At current rate of consumption, ZG5L fuel supply will deplete in 101 days.
  • Hull integrity: Good
  • Ship repair report: No anomalies to report


  • Location of ZG5L Princess: Elysium V
  • Celestial Bodies: G2V Dwarf Star
  • Planetary Bodies: Small earth-sized orbiting planets, including one growing wheat-like plants.
  • Other Notable Features: Atmosphere of most planets toxic to human life.


  • Ships Responding: 47
    • Ships in Elysium V: 43
    • Ships in Elentis 227a: 4
  • Estimated Total Population: 1830
    • Population Counts aboard some ships are still not confirmed.
    • The St Nikolaos is unable to confirm a consistent figure, reporting numbers that change each time they are asked. The average of these is 665
  • Details: The Fleet.
    • Incorrect or out of date information should be reported to The Lobby.

Sensor Readings

The following low level readings have been gleaned by the Advanced Long Range Scanners aboard the Slipstream and are presented for general information, listed as per the Space Map

  • Elentis 227a
    • Earth-sized planetary body with atmosphere detected. Tachyon signatures detected. Reports confirm planet is destroyed. Likelihood of habitability: IMPOSSIBLE.
  • Deep Space Sector 4
    • UCCNZFJ encoded signal detected.
  • 87.a5
    • Previously visited and mined asteroid field.
  • Arcturus Minor
    • Previously visited Binary Star System
  • Elysium IV
    • Mars-sized planetary body detected. Planet is 90% ice.
  • Deep Space Sector 1
    • Nothing of value detected here.

The following information has been shared by readings from ships in the Fleet:

  • Deep Space Sectors 2 and 3
    • Nothing of value detected here.
  • GX-870
    • Black Hole detected.

UCCNZFJ Encoded Signals

The Slipstream has reported receiving transmissions from Deep Space Sector 4 that have been decoded as UCCNZFJ signals allegedly coming from a Squire Class Probe, the UCSS Hope, along with an encrypted message. No attempts to reply to the signal have been made, nor attempts to decrypt the message.

End of Hussar Quarantine

Having been carefully monitored by several ships for a full week, the Hussar has been declared as clear of Apparitions as we can be sure of, and has rejoined the fleet in Elysium V. Thanks go out to the crews of the Sanctuary, Barclay de Tolle, Iustia, Fire Escape, Slipstream and of course the Hussar itself for their efforts in developing the most rigorous inspection possible at very short notice.

Last Train Home Wreckage -- DO NOT APPROACH

Top Priority Orders across the Fleet: the wreckage of the Last Train Home in Mobius 92 is not to be approached, nor the EVA body floating nearby it. Mobius 92 is outside of the FTL Jump Range of most of the Fleet, but these orders are absolute regardless.

The Saints of the St. Nik

A detachment led by Tai Pullman was successful in quelling the riots aboard the St Nikolaos. Official reports indicate that life on board the ship has returned to a calm state following the intervention of the crew of the Centennial Chicken, aided by the Nemesis.

St Nik Missing People Reports

A number of redistributed refugees from the St Nikolaos have since disappeared. For many of them, their last known location was being transferred on board the Slipstream.

Security Patrols Established

Defensive patrols of the fleet have been established and put into practice by the captains of the fleet's various battleships, to ensure that all ships - but especially the Princess - are protected in case the fleet should come under attack. Natalia Rodchenko, who has been coordinating this effort, has issued the following report summarising the situation:

  • Fleet patrol rota established to ensure maximum protection without tying down captains to the fleet.
  • At least two battleships to stay with the Princess ZG5L at all times.
  • Ships involved: Nemesis, Morning Star, Asi, HMCS Renown, Rubicon, Barclay de Tolle, UCSS Ottawa, UCSS Suva, UCSS Kyoto, Fire Escape. Additionally Hussar post-quarantine.
  • No apparition incidents to report this cycle.
  • Princess ZG5L jumped to destination without incident - sector scouted ahead of time.
  • Small exchange of fire between HMCS Renown and Rubicon - situation since resolved.

Union of Independent Captains

Earlier this week, reports have been heard that a small “Union of Independent Captains” has been formed among the smaller, civilian vessels of the fleet. Said to have been founded by one Lee Livingstone, it has yet to become clear just where they stand in regards to the new military presence among the fleet and if this is a stand against the blues or simply an excuse to meet up and have a chat over recycled water and some algae-cakes. Only time will tell.

Some information has been passed around the fleet, see here.

Hephaestus Ventilation Repaired

Captain Layne Cosh would like to thank everyone that was kind enough to help out with the ventilation troubles on The Hephaestus. With all sections now reopened, work can continue as normal, though the engineers on board still seem really quite exhausted and fed up.

Hephaestus Engines Upgraded

Chief Engineer Salsa Rhozali would also like to offer her most sincere gratitude to all that were able to help with engine maintenance aboard The Hephaestus. Not only were the motors patched up, but they’re now running better than ever! Of course, there’s still lots to do, so offers of extra help are always welcome.

Networking Site by Wren Walker

A new networking initiative, the “Fleet Street” app, is spreading around the fleet. Word has it that Wren Walker's the creator - it's an interesting use of normal social networking to try to connect people across the fleet, even those who haven't left their own ships since departing from Earth. So far, it seems popular - and it promises lots of new connectivity features coming soon!

Planets Require Naming

“We know the names of the systems, but these boring names were assigned to stars we could barely even see: now we're up close, NewsFuse is taking the liberty of sourcing names for the planets we're all becoming familiar with.

In particular, we're looking for names for:

  • The wheat planet in Elysium V
  • The ice planet in Elysium IV
  • The wrecked planet in Elentis 227a

And, no, for the last time, Planety McPlanetface is not going to be picked. We're looking at you, Jeff. That joke is nearly 80 years old.”

– Article from NewsFuse, an anonymously published news source in the Fleet.

Rumours of Theft on St Nikolaos

Amongst the chaos and confusion aboard the St Nikolaos, rumours are starting to be spread of thefts of luxury items for trade on a black market. Security aboard the St Nikolaos, and Matthew Cartwright, have condemned thieves, saying they will be dealt with severely if caught.

More philosophical voices on the St Nikolaos have also been heard, one quoted as saying, “In this time of great peril, we as humanity need to stick together. If we start stealing from one another, we risk a slippery slope into anarchy, and then… will we even be humanity any more?”

Memorandum Requests History

Woden Morello, Curator of the Memorandum's museum, has put out a call across the Fleet for artefacts from Earth, as well as stories of the evacuation and escape, to be passed to the Memorandum so that they can be recorded and archived for future use, as well as any research into the Fleet's initial history. Anyone with such information should contact the Memorandum.

Songs About The Princess

A number of catchy tunes have been going round the Fleet, with lyrics concerning how special the Princess is to us, and how we all need to pull together to make sure no harm comes to it. The tunes are just so hummable that even those who find the lyrics a bit preachy can't help whistling the songs occasionally.

Slipstream Clamping Down On Food

It is rumoured that the following message was released to passengers aboard the Slipstream just hours before the second fleet conference was confirmed.

Darling guests,
It is with deep regret that I must announce the beginnings of a rationing system for the more high end food served in our most elegant dining hall. While you will still be welcome to enjoy the Asian twist algae-cakes comepletely free of charge, we ask that if you wish to sample the more luxurious items on the menu that you come with something suitable in hand to trade.
I am deeply apologetic that it has come to this and I hope you will forgive me from the bottom of your hearts.
Kind Regards,
Ivanka Chu

You Won't Believe These 10 Ways To Keep Apparitions Off Your Ship! Number 8 Will Blow Your Mind!

OOC Notices

Jumping in Session

Due to the volume of people attempting FTL jumps in Session, we are instituting the following protocol for jumping your ship:

  1. Pick up an FTL Jump Form from the Lobby and complete it complete with time you commence spooling, destination and Spool Time. Please do not include details such as multiple jumps or what you plan to do when you arrive: do these upon arrival.
  2. The Captain of a ship must sign it or otherwise authorise the jump.
  3. This form may then be presented at the Lobby and you will begin spooling from the moment you designated on the form. You will jump at the end of your spool time.
  4. When you jump, please visit the Lobby where you will be given a brief on the system you have just jumped into. You may reconnect to the Conference at any point from up to 3 jumps away with no problem (unless a GM tells you otherwise).
  5. Your ship will cool down for as long as your spool time. It is your job to track this before making another request to jump.

If you don't fill in a form for the Lobby you cannot jump.

If you wish to perform a particularly complicated activity on your ship (or especially on another ship) please be patient as we acquire free GMs to brief you on what happens when you do so: there are only 8 of us, after all, and nearly 60 of you!

Jumping in Turnsheets

A reminder to please detail your jumps in your Turnsheet: even if you are just keeping up with the Fleet or following someone else's flight plan. It helps us a lot, and means we can make sure Turnsheet responses make logical sense where they're meant to.

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