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The Memorandum

Advanced Library Server Transport “Memorandum” is a large mostly autonomous ship harbouring the largest general purpose encyclopaedic server that was saved from Earth during the exodus1). It travelled between mining colonies, providing education and training to the residents, as well as some R&R opportunities in the museum.

Font of Knowledge

Please be advised that all requests and responses from the library database are logged in triplicate and backed up to hard storage within 45 seconds of their completion. Any data obtained from the library database used in publications should be acknowledged and cited correctly according to the International Statute on Plagiarism, 2034.
– standard information notice received upon making a request to the Memorandum database.

In its current position, the Memorandum serves as a server ship for all of the Fleet's knowledge. It maintains a reliable encyclopaedia of information from prior to the destruction of Earth, and occasionally updated ship records. The server can be accessed from any ship, and will provide timely responses on most subjects.

More advanced training is freely available in the Memorandum's training rooms.

The records on the ship are maintained mostly autonomously, but overseen by Laurie L. McLaughlin who ensures that the records are kept in pristine condition and that the computer system is proofed against cyber-attacks.

OC: You can assume that any skill that is available at the start of the game can be learned through studying information available from the Memorandum. Some skills can be learned remotely; others (e.g. combat specialisations) will require a training room. See the advancement page for more details.

The Archives

In order to raise funds for the construction of the Memorandum, server space was allocated as backup storage for many organisations2). The data is secured, but there is surely some useful information that could be accessed.

The Museum

As part of its education outreach initiative, the Memorandum has a sizeable museum, containing exhibitions on world history, natural history, science, and technology through the ages. Visitors are encouraged to come and enjoy the various exhibitions, and the collection of dinosaur skeletons (the largest on or off the world) is not to be missed! The curator, Woden Morello, is always on the lookout for new objects to add to the collection.

People of Note

Laurie McLaughlin

Captain of the Memorandum, Laurie McLaughlin is a knowledgeable and energetic woman. She has an unparalleled thirst for knowledge, and can often be found haranguing the crew of the Slipstream for every detail that their sensors has picked up. All the information she collects ends up in the library somewhere - though given her lack of organisation, not necessarily in a place where anyone can find it again.

Woden Morello

Curator of the museum, Woden Morello is always looking for new attractions. While in the fleet, he is trying to find and record as much of the history of Earth as possible - particularly looking for the small objects which have large stories.

1) only saved, mind, due to it already being off Earth at the Alpha C5 mining colony at the time of the second fleet's departure
2) though most took this to impress the shareholders by having the data “beyond the clouds”, rather than as a practical backup solution
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