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Welcome to the fleetwide trading system!

OOC: How this works - READ THIS FIRST

This is a player-editable page for posting offers to buy and sell items using the fleet-wide market place system established on the St Nikolaos. You may edit this page to add / remove your own offers, but please do not tamper with offers posted by other players. Also, please do not tamper with or remove this message.

All transactions on this system use the digital currency Scion. Joining the market place grants you 10 Scion for free, so you can start trading right away! To begin with, 1 Scion can be taken to approximate the value of one algae cake1). To post an offer, use the template provided and place your offer in the appropriate section. Currently, you may post as many offers as you please. This page should not be taken as representative of every single offer on the system - rather as a selection of notable offers.

Important: The marketplace is a purely organisational tool. To confirm a trade, you must still list it as a minor action. There is nothing stopping you listing for items you are not actually able to trade, though this may draw people's ire IC. To avoid IC/OC contradictions / other problems, we would also appreciate it if you avoid using this page between the turnsheet submission deadline and turnsheet response publication2).

There are no limits on who can register for the system and claim their free 10 Scion - you do not need to email a GM or action to do so before being able to use this page. However, it would be helpful if you could note in a minor action if you have joined this system, so we can keep track of your money on your character sheet!

It is possible to post offers anonymously, and have item transfer handled by the system. If you would like to make an anonymous posting, please do so on your turnsheet as a minor action. Anonymous trades emailed to your GM may be processed at your GM's discretion, but this is not guaranteed as we have finite time!

Buy Template

Offer Price: <X> Scion
Interested offers:

  • If you're interested, post here with what you're prepared to offer.

Sell Template

Offer Price: <X> Scion
Interested offers:

  • If you're interested, post here with what you're prepared to offer.

I want to buy...

User: ikkab0d
Item: scrap metal
Offer Price: depends on how many units u got n how good it is
Notes: nothing salvaged from phobos-infected ships plox
Interested offers:

  • post here or email me with offers thx

I want to sell...

User: ikkab0d
Item: custom nametag 4 use in holoconference
Offer Price: 5 Scion
Notes: discounts offered if u can get multiple ppl in an order.
Interested offers:

  • If ur interested email me with the name u want and ill change it when u pay me.

User: Bolygo Pharmaceuticals
Item: Upgraded, algae-based life-support
Offer Price: Negotiable, based on size of ship and services required (see below).
Notes: Bolygo Pharma provides you with a dose of high-yield algae, that are meant to replace the algae of your life-support system. The amount of algae you will need to buy to support a self-sustaining population varies depending on the size of your ship.
Your life-support system (primarily your filters) will need to be modified to handle the increased strain.3) Bolygo can be contracted to perform the modifications, or provide instructions for the technician of your choice.4).
Interested offers:

User: Garland Bora
Offer Price: 0 Scion
Notes: Experience the tranquillity of one-ness with the Dreamers of Humanity - join our free meditation sessions now!
Interested offers:

  • Come visit us on the Slipstream or St Nikolaos! All welcome!

User: Knight (Star of Intervention, From Earth With Love)
Item: Hero for Hire! No job too small or too large!
Offer Price: Price dependent on size of job.
Notes: I mean, as long as I physically can and you're not obviously evil.
Interested offers:

  • Email me with the task and I'll give you a quote.

User: Luca Attwood
Item: Price evaluations and trading services
Offer Price: A small commission depending on the nature of service or the value of the item
Notes: Do you have something you want to sell but don't know how much it should cost? Do you want to sell something but can't seem to get the hang of price negotiation? I can help. I will evaluate how much you should expect for your item(s) and negotiate deals on your behalf should you need it, for a modest commission.
Interested offers:

  • Email me and I can arrange to see the product and give you an evaluation!

User: Hansel Kassmeyer
Item: Personal weapons
Offer Price: Depends on how interesting/fun the weapon is
Notes: Selling big guns! Selling small guns! Selling things for bashing apparitions with! Selling fun combinations of all three!
Interested offers:

  • Email Hansel for more info

User: Ilonara
Item: Perfectly ordinary SD card
Offer Price: Talk to me
Notes: Interesting data content. Research-worthy. Not responsible for what happens if used improperly.
Interested offers:

  • Send msg or talk to me at the conference.
1) Of course, the value of one algae cake may be up to interpretation…
2) In case e.g. player action affects the integrity of this board.
3) These algae should never be decanted directly into an unmodified life-support system. Blockages, overheating and algal colony death may occur.
4) Our three-year warranty does not apply if you choose to employ your own technicians
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