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The Slipstream

The Slipstream is a luxury cruise ship owned by the silver tongued business woman, Ivanka Chu. Decked out with just about every possible extravagant fitting, it was heading out on a business trip when the world fell apart. Favouring survival over lucrative business deals, The Slipstream made the jump away from Earth with the rest of the fleet.

Guide to the Galaxy

After the initial jump, tensions were high between The Slipstream and many of the other ships making up the fleet. In particular the The Hephaestus were none too shy about vocalising their skepticism. After all, besides looking pretty and providing those with the time for lights of fancy with a ballroom sized holodeck to do it in, how useful can “over-sized glorified playboy space-yacht” actually be?

Needless to say when The Slipstream's unique long ranged scanners picked up the pull of a black hole just shortly before one of the scouting ships jumped right into it, the ship suddenly became a widely valued addition to the fleet. When asked where these scanners came from so conveniently, Ivanka happily explained that her brother, Andrei, likes to tinker around, and managed to make it so their scanners not only provide the usual details for the neighboring systems, but also provide some information for systems up to two jumps away.

So far, other than the black hole, nothing unusual has come up on the scanners but once the fleet meets up with the Salvation fleet, Ivanka is sure they will find plenty of ways to put the scanners to good use.

The Kitchens

Being as it was, prepared for an extended business trip before the exodus from earth, stocked to the brim with luxury meals and an extremely talented chef, The Slipstream is one of the only ships left with recognisable food and they are more than happy to share… for a price. Those who managed to leave Earth somewhat unprepared - bringing a treasured diamond necklace but forgetting about the need for food, for example - have turned this to their advantage, trading away the unneeded luxuries for something a little more palatable than brown algae cakes. Again.

Of course, stuck in space with very little else for entertainment, rumours are abound and rumour has it that you can trade anything for a price in the kitchens. It's just a question of finding the right people and the right price. When asked, Ivanka simply laughs and mutters about a race gone mad with cabin fever.

People of Note

Ivanka Chu
Owner of The Slipstream, Ivanka Chu is a beautiful Bulgarian woman with a silver tongue and a mind for business. Anyone who’s ever been aboard the opulent cruise ship always speaks of her charming people skills and low bellied laugh. And her warm hands, strangely enough.

Andrei Chu
Ivanka’s older brother and Captain of The Slipstream. Andrei Chu spends less time schmoozing and more time making sure everything on board is running smoothly. Few speak highly of his manners and even fewer have even seen his face.

Eloise Walker
The bright and bubbly chef, Eloise Walker, seems almost completely out of place on The Slipstream. Her thick west country accent and bright smile do make people feel welcome though and once you try the food it's clear to see why Ivanka hired her. Still, she seems almost too cheery in the face of, well, endless space.

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