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Here we present some frequently asked questions about the game. If your question isn't answered here, do of course feel free to get in touch with the GM Team.

Can I play/make an AI?

True AI does not exist in the setting of Princess. The closest that exists are advanced personal assistants, but these do not have the same agency or intelligence of a human, and it is not within the scope of the timescale of Princess to create an AI. See Technology and Personal Assistant Quirk.

Can I play a Cyborg?

Available technology on Earth at game start isn't sufficiently advanced for robotics to be successfully integrated with biology beyond the scope of the sort of prosthetics that are available in the modern day. As such, mentally controlled prosthetics that can replace a limb do exist and were used in medicine on Earth. However, they take time and equipment to fit or repair that are not necessarily available in the Fleet. It is worth noting that such a prosthetic is always a handicap and never an upgrade. See Technology.

Can I play a princess called Spaceship?

We see what you did there, but no. The tone of Princess is intended to be serious, and while we encourage enthusiasm, intentionally silly names or concepts are somewhat contrary to this. See Style and Tone.

How much protection does my ship have from being destroyed or stolen?

Your ship is a possession and fundamentally has as much protection from other players as other statted Quirks. Stealing a ship isn't trivial, but it is by no means impossible either, and the same goes for destroying one. If you are concerned about the safety of your ship, we suggest you take steps In Character to ensure its safety!

Of course, we recognise a lot of your investment may lie in your ship, so should you lose your ship and still survive, the GMs will ensure that there is still interesting plot for you to interact with (as well as the fairly self-explanatory “get revenge on the bastard who blew me up” plot).

I have [X] scientific knowledge which means [Y] can't be true in the game!

First, that's not a question, it's a statement. Secondly, Princess is a soft-science game run by a team of people who are not all-knowing in every field. If real life physics contradict things you are seeing in game, and this is not highlighted as peculiar, assume that what you are seeing in game is the correct interpretation in the game.

Of course, if you believe you can achieve something, because your OC understanding of science tells you it might be possible, that's great! Do see a GM, though, since as this is a soft-science game we may well not be aware of that particular bit of science (or may know a reason your character wouldn't know as to why that might not work). Make sure that your character has the skills to achieve what you're planning, though!

I lack [X] scientific knowledge, do I need it to play [Y] character?

Nope! Your character may know far more about a subject than you possibly could, and this will be reflected in the game. You don't need to understand astrophysics for your character to be a space pilot, and you don't need to understand medicine to be a surgeon (though having a rough idea of relevant sections of the Wiki to inform you would be helpful, particularly for Space Pilots). In particular, the GMs won't set up a situation that requires specific scientific knowledge OC to solve that isn't accessible to characters IC.

I have an OOC problem with [X] type of horror -- does that mean I can't play Princess?

Princess is a horror game but the intention is for your characters to be scared IC, not to freak you out OOC. As such, the GMs will do what they reasonably can to keep explicit references to horror that you're not comfortable with OOC out of your game, but you will need to inform us of these.

We cannot promise that other players will not interact with the topic you are not comfortable with and bring it up IC (or indeed that NPCs may accidentally bring it up), but in this case you should simply request OOC to not talk about it to you and we ask all players respect that request should it be made. Do remember that we're all human and there are a lot of players to remember, so please try not to be offended if we mess up from time to time!

See Equality and Themes for more details.

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