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The Princess and other large ships are fitted with holodecks capable of hosting small conferences. Thanks to upgrading and linking together of some of these holodecks, the Princess is now capable of hosting a large cyber-conference to which any member of the Fleet can connect.

By order of Alexis Holttman, at least one member of each ship in the Fleet is asked to attend conferences to confirm the course of the Princess and to discuss Fleet affairs. These conferences will occur immediately before the Princess's FTL drive begins spooling1), at which point the crew of the Princess will be unable to communicate with the rest of the Fleet for the following week as the ship's drive spools.

Digital Representation

Those attending the cyber-conference will be able to appear as any avatar they wish: it's not unknown to use this for amusing effect, to disguise injuries, or to make status more obvious. However, the Princess cyber-conference server performs multiple-way biometric verification of those connecting and displays a unique, identifying ID above each user making it impossible to impersonate another user within the Princess conference.


The cyber-conference is hosted primarily by the Princess and its facilities. As such, certain members of the Princess crew are designated moderators of the conference and have access to disable certain permissions to specific avatars for disciplinary reasons, or to disconnect a user from the conference altogether.

The current moderators of the conference are:

1) after the “repair” phase of the 3-week “Spool, Cooldown, Repair” cycle for the Princess
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