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News for Session 1

State of the Fleet

ZG5L Princess

  • Fuel remaining: 384 Units
  • Fuel outlook: Ample fuel for the whole fleet to reach Elentis 227a safely
  • Hull integrity: Good
  • Ship repair report: No anomalies to report


  • Location of ZG5L Princess: Arcturus Minor
  • Celestial Bodies: Binary Star System
  • Planetary Bodies: Small rocky orbiting planets of no value.
  • Other Notable Features: Be advised, Solar Flares on the far side of the secondary sun.


  • Ships Responding: 48
  • Estimated Total Population: 1864
    • Population Counts aboard some ships are still not confirmed.
    • The St Nikolaos is unable to confirm a consistent figure, reporting numbers that change each time they are asked. The average of these is 752.
  • Details: The Fleet.
    • Incorrect or out of date information should be reported to The Lobby.

Sensor Readings

The following low level readings have been gleaned by the Advanced Long Range Scanners aboard the Slipstream and are presented for general information, listed clockwise as per the Space Map

  • Elysium V
    • Earth-sized planetary bodies with atmosphere detected. Likelihood of habitability: VERY LOW.
  • 87.a5
    • Large asteroid field detected. Potential source of raw materials.
  • 990D
    • Large asteroid field detected. Potential source of raw materials.
  • 76.b2
    • Very large planetary bodies detected.
  • Deep Space
    • Nothing of value detected here. Confirmed by previous passage through this sector.
  • Elysium IV
    • Mars-sized planetary bodies detected. Atmospheres could not be confirmed. Likelihood of habitability: NONE.

Awaiting News from Salvation

Having made the safe jump to Arcturus Minor, we await contact from the Salvation. They are yet to respond to any of our broadcast messages, but probes have been sent to attempt to confirm contact. We expect to be on course to rendezvous with the Salvation at Elentis 227a within 4 weeks (1 jump to Elysium V, and 1 jump to Elentis 227a).

Hephaestus Reporting Ventilation Malfunctions

Reports are leaving the Hephaestus of recent concerning accidents, particularly around ventilation ducts: a small number of instances of severe burns have occurred when hot, pressurised and occasionally toxic gases have somehow been vented through the normal air system. Hephaestus engineers believe this is not a great concern, but some parts of the ship have been sealed off until the problem can be resolved. With resources and expertise currently low across the Fleet, however, fixing the problem could be a long time coming.

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St Nikolaos Food Shortages

Despite the captain's best efforts, there is a dwindling supply of food, and the existing rationing system is struggling to cope. With the largest number of survivors on board, living cheek by jowl, there are discontented grumblings, especially when the luxury of the Slipstream is mentioned…

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