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News for Session 7

State of the Fleet

UCSS Deliverance

  • Fuel remaining: 394 Units
  • Fuel outlook: Sustainable
    • 8 units have been used in the last 3 weeks
    • At current rate of consumption, UCSS Deliverance fuel supply will deplete in 1034 days.
  • Hull integrity: Strong
  • Ship repair report:
    • Engines replaced using engines from UCSS Salvation
    • Hull integrity restored. No fuel storage damage.

ZG5L Princess

  • Fuel remaining: 370 Units
  • Fuel outlook: Sustainable.
    • 44 units have been used in the last 3 weeks
    • ZG5L may face retirement, in which case this query is obsolete.
    • Otherwise, at current rate of consumption, ZG5L fuel supply will deplete in 176 days.
  • Hull integrity: Poor
  • Ship repair report:
    • Jump damage repaired, Hull damage persists.


  • Location of ZG5L Princess: Deep Space Sector 10
  • Celestial Bodies: None
  • Planetary Bodies: None
  • Other Notable Features: None


  • Ships Responding: 26
    • Ships in Deep Space Sector 10: 26
  • Estimated Total Population: 1154
    • Survivors from Hephaestus destruction recovered
    • Rubicon destroyed
    • Barclay de Tolle destroyed
    • Erebus destroyed
    • Fleet has not been under direct apparition attack for 1 week
  • Details: The Fleet.
    • Incorrect or out of date information should be reported to The Lobby.

Sensor Readings

The following low level readings have been gleaned by the Advanced Long Range Scanners aboard the Slipstream and are presented for general information, listed clockwise as per the Space Map

  • Nebula Quadrant C
    • Nebula. Cannot get sensor readings through this quadrant.
  • Vega 5
    • Asteroid field detected.
  • Vega 7
    • Black Hole and planetary body detected.
  • Pandora 12
    • Gas giants detected.
  • Heracles II
    • Asteroid field detected.
  • Deep Space Sector 9
    • Nothing of interest detected

Natalia "Shard" Rodchenko Obituary

Cpt. Natalia Rodchenko (callsign Shard) of the Asi, part of Grayson Security, was callously killed in action during the previous conference.

All will be aware of Cpt. Rodchenko as the head of External Security: a beacon of hope and order in a darkest time of despair. Cpt. Rodchenko's hard but fair protocols on Quarantine kept the Fleet from tearing itself apart at the first sign of apparitions; her sharp mind devised the Fleet Patrol system that has kept us all safe even when under heaviest attack; her courageous leadership aboard the Asi, leading through example, inspired all across the Fleet. She faced down hundreds of apparitions, the first appearance of the HMCS Sydney, and was one of few responsible for coordinating the defence of the Fleet during the Battle of Conference 4.

Cpt. Rodchenko was a friend to many, a leader to many more: as we make our move to leave behind the apparitions once and for all, she will be remembered as a true hero of the Fleet.

She will be missed.

Mari Martinez Obituary

In what rumours suggest was a brutal apparition attack, Mari Martinez of the St Nikolaos, formerly of the HMCS Renown, formerly of the Hussar has been reported dead.

Martinez was a valued member of the Hussar crew – holding her own against apparition threat when the Hussar was first quarantined, and remaining a paragon of strength, eventually offering to self-sacrifice herself to destroy an apparition ship during the Battle of Conference 4. Though her actions after that led to great concern from many, she was hoped to have recovered from her “apparition-induced psychopathy”. This was, unfortunately, proven very much not the case. Still, she will be remembered for her strength against the apparitions and not her succumbing.

She will be missed.

Lucifer "Hashtag" Creed Obituary

Lucifer Creed (callsign Hashtag) of the Fragarach, formerly of the Caliburn, of Grayson Security passed away during the previous conference.

Creed, struggling with infamy from allegations of faking apparition attacks, recovered from these blows to be a valuable member of the Fleet: providing security aboard his own fighter, and then running defence from the Fragarach even when that went down. Having proven himself time and time again, any question as to Creed's character has been answered very much in the positive. He was a good man.

He will be missed.

Richard Black Obituary

Bolygo Pharmaceuticals regretfully confirms the death of COO Richard Black of the Silver Drake, having died in the blast during the previous Conference.

Black was responsible for many great discoveries in recent history: aboard the Silver Drake he scouted several systems that have been crucial for the Fleet's survival and our imminent fleeing from apparitions, as well as organising the highly valuable work of Bolygo Pharmaceuticals every step of the way. His impact will be remembered for centuries to come.

He will be missed.

Tessa Elation KIA

Cpt. Tessa Elation of the Sweet Embrace was unfortunately killed in action defending the Fleet from the HMCS Sydney.

Cpt. Elation, a pilot with some of the fastest reflexes in all the Fleet, was a figure loved by many. Always happy to put herself on the line for the good of the Fleet, and a valuable friend to those unable to get themselves around as the ships of the Fleet started falling, Cpt. Elation remained essential in the fight against the Sydney and in bringing it down: her value to the Fleet could not be overstated.

She will be missed.

Ichabod "ikkab0d" Yıldızoğlu KIA

Cpt. Ichabod Yıldızoğlu of the Sanctuary was unfortunately killed in action while aboard the Sweet Embrace, defending the Fleet from the HMCS Sydney.

'ikkab0d,' as he preferred to be known, was famous on Earth for his advanced work on applied holography, and remained famous within the Fleet for his tireless work on Apparitions, particularly their detection via the now-ubiquitous warning system known to some as the ikkahatz. He will be remembered for his absolute insistence on rigorous scientific investigation and understanding in the fight against the Apparitions, as well as his love for his son Hubris.

He will be missed.

* * *

Five days after word of his death has gone round the fleet, the following message is simultaneously broadcast on all ships:






THANKS FOR NOTHING ASSHOLES wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

⋌[∗✖ ω ✖∗]⋋⋌[∗✖ ω ✖∗]⋋⋌[∗✖ ω ✖∗]⋋⋌[∗✖ ω ✖∗]⋋⋌[∗✖ ω ✖∗]⋋⋌[∗✖ ω ✖∗]⋋⋌[∗✖ ω ✖∗]⋋

Sal Vasse Missing Presumed Dead

Cpt. Sal Vasse of the Pelorus has been found missing from their ship, with signs of a fight evident, after an Apparition attack occurred on the Slipstream which saw many corridors of the ship flooded. No body has yet been discovered, but Sal has not been heard from since and it is feared they have come to the same sad end as so many others.

Mx Vasse was a figure renowned around the Fleet for their ability to get anybody anything they asked for and their willingness to host regular parties in the midst of the chaos of the Exodus. They were also credited with helping to design the Scion market system which has helped ease the flow of trade, and in the only attempt so far to breed a sustainable source of edible meat for the Fleet (another endeavour sadly cut short by an Apparition attack).

They will be missed.

Robbin Walker Found Dead

Robbin Walker has unfortunately been killed in what appears to be another apparition attack. Robbin was a kind and caring member of the fleet, always looking out for others, particularly her brother Jimmy. In particular, she supported and provided for the St Nick, helping everyone on board through their times of need.

She will be missed.

Scipio Surran Murdered

Dr Scipio Surran of the St Nikolaos, formerly of the Zarathustra, founder and lead scientist of TEMPEST has been found dead at the hands of Dr Apollo Leonard.

Dr Surran has been responsible for ground-breaking research into apparitions – his founding and subsequent leadership of TEMPEST led many experiments into apparitions and anti-apparition technology, discovering things about the nature of apparitions we could only have dreamed of a year ago. Under his leadership and brilliant mind, the team have been responsible for creating technology that has allowed us to survive even the harshest of apparition assaults. His sharp mind never ceased to amaze or astound: his ideas shape our future.

He will be missed.

Jonas Salt Missing Presumed Dead

Jonas Salt of the HMCS Renown, formerly of the St Nikolaos, formerly of the Fire Escape, has been reported missing. He is presumed dead.

A colourful and valued member of the Fire Escape – one of the Fleet's foremost defences particularly during the Quarantine Phase – Salt recently rose to fame across the Fleet with promises of assistance with creating anti-apparition technology. In actual fact, Salt has been found to have been swindling the Fleet for all it has, amassing a particularly impressive amount of “loot”. His death still saddens us all, though may make our pockets feel a little safer.

He will be missed.

Anton Rezov KIA

Cpt. Anton Rezov of the Barclay de Tolle was killed in action defending the Fleet from the HMCS Sydney. His presence and his ship's were a beacon of hope and safety across the Fleet and his sacrifice to save the Fleet will be duly remembered.

He will be missed.

Antonio Delgado KIA

Cpt. Antonio Delgado of the Rubicon was killed in action defending the Fleet from the HMCS Sydney. His presence, and that of the Rubicon on Fleet Patrol brought hope and a sense of security to many – his final acts reminiscent of his life: bravely defending those who needed it most.

He will be missed.

Following the announcement of his death, the Memorandum reports that, in accordance with Antonio's wishes, a dossier of previously classified files pertaining to various aspects of the pre-2075 Portuguese Government, and his involvement therein, are being made publicly available. The files can be studied on the Memorandum.

Emma Piper KIA

Cpt. Emma Piper of the fighter Erebus was killed as the ship was destroyed defending the Fleet against an apparition-infested Fire Escape. Cpt. Piper was a heroic sort who put the Fleet's safety before her own, and was invaluable in the early stages of the recent calamities in determining what had happened at Elentis 227a.

She will be missed.

Cathedral Ship Destroyed

Following the jump of the Princess from Deep Space Sector 9 to Deep Space Sector 10, a bloody and hard-worn battle occurred against the “Cathedral Ship”. Revealed for certainty to be the HMCS Syndey – the ship that opened fire on the UCSS Tokyo and was believed destroyed by Counter Admiral Gromov during Earth's evacuation – the ship laid waste to the Rubicon and the Barclay de Tolle before being taken down by combined sacrifice of Tessa Elation and Ichabod Yildizoglu, and heroic work of the crew of the UCSS Triumphant.

The ship is believed to be totally destroyed.

Fleet Repaired and Ready to Jump

Thanks to the efforts of Cpt. Phillips, Cpt. Kaur, Cpt. Kaur, Cpt. Calderon, Cpt. Wayne, Cpt. Knight, Cpt. Korica, Dr. Salas, Dr. Surran, Dr. Priest, Lt. Svenson, Cllr. Blake, Katya Thorsen, Jakob and Luuk van Dalen, Kiernan Healy, Hansel Kassmeyer, Laramy Fitch, and Vyrin Rosen, the “Second Evacuation” ships of the UCSS Deliverance, the UCSS Destiny, the UCSS Resurrection, the UCSS Triumphant, the Memorandum, and the St Nikolaos are repaired, kitted out with the state of the art anti-apparition technology and ready to make jumps for the Second Evacuation. Cpt. Kaur and Mr van Dalen urge civilians to transfer to one of the larger ships ready for the jumps ASAP so that jumps can be made without further delay after the Conference.

Jump Uncertainty

Though the Fleet is ready to jump, where we are jumping to is another matter (as is how we would jump there!). There are currently three camps that speak for most of the civilian population of the Fleet:

  1. Continue jumping in a straight line away from Earth in order to outrun any apparitions that are following us (supported by ~33% of the Fleet)
  2. Jump to colonise Eta Helion via the Nebula with a minimal number of ships that are for the purposes of jumping slaved to a central system run by Bolygo Pharmaceuticals (supported by ~33% of the Fleet)
  3. Jump to colonise Eta Helion via the Nebula with a minimal number of ships that pairwise orient themselves but are free to perform their own jumps (supported by ~33% of the Fleet)

Each camp has strong arguments for and against, and very vocal proponents from throughout the Fleet. Uncertainty as to the problems of jumping within a Nebula has led to loud disagreement on the idea of slaving ships to a central jumping control as opposed to letting ships jump freely of their own accord, though the latter has been made more possible thanks to systems for countering Inertial Drift fabricated by Cpt. Dexter and associates. The former remains a popular candidate, however, with Bolygo Pharmaceuticals (the only people to successfully navigate a Nebula) being referenced as an authority on the matter.

FTL Engineering Available

Documents have been shared by Katya Thorsen, the Fleet's foremost and only FTL Engineer detailing the specifics of the FTL Jump Drive and the subject of FTL Engineering. Using these documents, someone skilled in Ship-Building, Engineering and Research could learn the art of FTL Engineering with enough time and thought.

[OOC: It is now possible for anyone to learn the specialisation “FTL Engineering”. This has prerequisites of Technology: Ship-building, Technology: Engineering, and Investigation: Research]

VirtuCon Firmware Patch

A firmware patch for VirtuCon systems has been created and made available for free distribution by Julian Shepard of the HMCS Renown. This patch is said to help deal with problems caused by interference during conferences that have been plaguing various ships in the Fleet.

Hephaestus Survivors Rescued

Seventy-three surviving Hephaestus engineers have been rescued from the surface of the planet in Psion 445b, following their discovery by Tessa Elation. She was helped in her rescue efforts by the Asi, the Bucephalus, the Asclepius and the Kesma'ecikre, who together ferried all survivors back to the St Nikolaos. Several were apparently in very poor condition from radiation sickness, starvation and exposure, but all are now recovering and some were even able to help in the repair of damaged ships in Vega 7.

Apollo Leonard Arrested

Dr Apollo Leonard has been arrested and is being held aboard the Asi by Grayson Security for the murder of Dr Scipio Surran. This is the second time Dr Leonard has been accused of murder of another Doctor in the Fleet: decision as to how to deal with this madman has yet to be made.

St Nikolaos in Chaos

The St Nikolaos has been plunged into chaos as arguments supporters of Cpt. Kaur, Lt. McCoy, and Cllr. Blake have begun to get heated. Members of each camp are accused of deliberately sabotaging the others, of stealing valuable items, and starting fights across the ship. None of Kaur, McCoy or Blake has yet stepped forward to condemn these actions, but the St Nik has become a powder keg ready to blow.

TEMPEST Reputation Slashed

Stories have swept across the Fleet of TEMPEST's use of human experimentation to achieve its goals. People kept anonymous for their own safety have given evidence of TEMPEST's horrifying experiments which have shocked the Fleet. People are demanding answers, even after TEMPEST's founder, Dr Surran, was found murdered by Dr Leonard.

Andre and Ivanka Chu Found Dead

Following the sudden attack from apparitions on board the St Nikolaos the bodies of former Slipstream owner, Ivanka Chu, and Captain, Andrei Chu, were found dead in the rooms where they were being kept pending trail for cannibalism. Few other details have been released to the public.

Memorandum Under New Management and Ready to Transfer Data

Kendrick Haywood has been declared Captain of the Memorandum, following Laurie McLaughlin stepping down and the deaths of both Woden Morello and his former Vice Captain Danny Baker. Captain Haywood and Izzy Valentine, one of the senior educators on the ship, are appealing to other ships willing to store the Memorandum servers or artefacts from the Museum in the event that the ship is not chosen to jump to Eta Helion, or to take backups onto their ship.

Memorial Held in Honour of Woden Morello

Following Woden's death at the hands of apparitions aboard the St Nikolaos shortly before the last conference, a memorial has been held in his honour aboard the Memorandum. Laurie McLaughlin, Head Librarian of the Memorandum released the following statement.

“Woden was a wonderful person, with an unparalleled thirst for knowledge and a level of enthusiasm unmatched in the Fleet. His passing has left a great hole, but he was ever the practical man and would have encouraged us to keep going and do what we can to fill that hole in his absence.”

Hats for Everyone!

Following sterling work by Lucas Calderon and Julianne Relley, “ikkahatz”, named in honour of the late Ichabod Yıldızoğlu, have been distributed to all members of the Fleet. The hats detect the presence of apparitions, and have a warning system which indicates the type of apparition, and the best response.

LightApparition typeResponse
Red Physical Prepare for combat if able, flee if not.
Orange Confusion Disarm, move to a place where you will be unable to hurt others.
Blue Fear Proceed to the nearest medbay.

Justice System

A proposal for a new system of justice has been published amongst the Fleet by Tai Pullman and Knight. For something apparently the almost sole work of Tai, and written in but a single week, it reads in a practically perfect way, with no loopholes or obviously broken laws - truly, an amazing feat from a gifted individual.

The key points from the document are as follows:

  • All of the regular crimes against the person from Earth remain criminal, though they are stated in much simpler and easier to understand ways than previously.
  • Little in the way of crimes against property are set out, besides a few broad and obvious instances such as theft.
  • Possible sentences range from warnings, through community service and forced labour, up to imprisonment. Life imprisonment is the maximum sentence. There is no capital punishment.
  • The emphasis of the design is on the system rather than the implementation, but a draft proposal is included for a tiered court system, explicitly avoiding the use of elected judges - though given the size of the population, it is suggested that only a few tiers will likely be necessary.

Eta Helion Planet Requires Naming

As part of the Second Evacuation preparations, it has become apparent that the planet that is intended to be colonised in Eta Helion does not yet have a name. For the sake of ease of reference, potential names for the planet should be submitted to the Lobby within the first half an hour of the next Conference so that one may be chosen.

Fleet Defence Thankfully Quiet

After a rocky start with the HMCS Sydney (previously referred to as the Cathedral Ship) appearing just after the Princess jump. A fierce fight brought it down at great cost, but later Fleet Patrols saw the arrival of the Fire Escape (previously abandoned entirely). It was taken down by the Fleet Patrol though at the cost of the Erebus. Since then, no hostile ships have appeared in Deep Space Sector 10.


Amber Matsumo Dead

The body of one Amber Matsumo was found along side Robbin Walkers at the sight of an apparition attack in the past few weeks. A small memorial was held for her from loving friends aboard the St. Nikoloas who knew her as a bright young woman and an aspiring reporter. Known for her exposes's on the late Captain Stride and Natalia Rodchenko, as well as current head of internal security Luxe Rosenberg, she will not be forgotten.



  • Yeah, er, why aren't we salvaging the Slipstream? I for one want a hot-tub!

OOC Notices

Tonight's session will be the FINAL SESSION OF PRINCESS. As such, downtime following this session works a little differently. You will still turnsheet, but instead of describing what you do in the next 3 weeks, we ask you to describe what you are doing with the rest of your life. We call this an “Eternity” turnsheet and you can create it as normal from your user page. In particular, we will ask for:

  1. A short term action: this is what you do in the next week or so following the Conference, much like a standard major action.
  2. Two contingent long term actions: this is what you do with the rest of your life. We are anticipating that by the end of session it may be unclear where the Fleet is going: as such, we will announce at the end of session the two contingencies we would like you to give us plans for and will make this very clear to all.

Bear in mind that we will explain this during session, but if you have any urgent questions, do get in touch.

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