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News for Session 6

State of the Fleet

ZG5L Princess

  • Fuel remaining: 414 Units
  • Fuel outlook: Sustainable.
    • 22 units have been used in the last 3 weeks
    • Potential additional fuel secured in Vega 7
    • At current rate of consumption, ZG5L fuel supply will deplete in 395 days.
  • Hull integrity: Poor
  • Ship repair report:
    • Heavy damage from battle of two systems sustained.
    • Jump damage repaired, Hull damage persists.

UCSS Deliverance

  • Fuel remaining: 402 Units
  • FUel outlook: Sustainable
    • 20 units have been used in the last 3 weeks
    • At current rate of consumption, UCSS Deliverance fuel supply will deplete in 422 days.
  • Hull integrity: Strong


  • Location of ZG5L Princess: Deep Space Sector 9
  • Celestial Bodies: None
  • Planetary Bodies: None
  • Other Notable Features: None


  • Ships Responding: 37
    • Ships in Deep Space Sector 9: 25
    • Ships in Vega 7: 10
    • Ships in Deep Space Sector 10: 1
    • Ships in Psion 445b: 1
  • Estimated Total Population: 1186
    • Mass loss of life aboard the Hephaestus during the Battle of Two Systems
    • Mass loss of life aboard the Slipstream
    • Mass loss of life aboard the Fire Escape
    • Mass loss of life aboard the UCSS Suva
    • Fleet has been under direct apparition attack for 7.5 weeks.
  • Details: The Fleet.
    • Incorrect or out of date information should be reported to The Lobby.

Sensor Readings

The following low level readings have been gleaned by the Advanced Long Range Scanners aboard the Slipstream and are presented for general information, listed clockwise as per the Space Map

  • Nebula Quadrant B
    • Nebula. Cannot get sensor readings through this quadrant.
  • Nebula Quadrant C
    • Nebula. Cannot get sensor readings through this quadrant.
  • Deep Space Sector 10
    • Nothing of interest detected
  • Heracles II
    • Asteroid field detected
  • GX-870
    • Black Hole detected
  • Psion 445b
    • Planetary bodies detected

Lexi Daniels Missing Presumed Dead

Lexi “Monkey” Daniels, medic aboard the Asi, is missing presumed dead following an expedition into the caves of Vega 7. Reports indicate that she was last seen facing off against an apparition attack, ordering her companions to run while she bought them precious time to escape. Her selflessness and courage should be an inspiration to us all.

She will be missed.

Sergei Kovac Killed

It is with great regret that Bolygo Pharmaceuticals wishes to make known the death of Sergei Kovac, Chief Engineer of the Bolygo fleet.

We grieve the passing of an exceptional individual and an accomplished colleague, but also our dearest friend. Sergei was with us from the start and he was instrumental in opening new horizons for Bolygo. Among his professional peers and other engineers, he was widely respected for his innovative work and the herculean effort he put into refitting the Bolygo fleet; among his acquaintances and friends he was known for his kindness, joviality, the irrepressible camaraderie he showed and his selfless efforts for the benefit of all. He was among the most active in relief efforts across the fleet and the systems of the Hephaestus and the St. Nikolaos stand fully functional today, a firm testament to his contributions.

He died as he lived, bravely and on the field, fallen to Apparitions during the course of a high-risk long-term experiment into anti-Apparition weaponry. We deeply mourn his passing and commit to forever preserving his memory.

In honour of our dear departed friend, the Biotech labs on board the Destiny will henceforth be known as the Sergei Kovac Memorial Labs.

He will be greatly missed.

– Decebal Korica, CEO, Bolygo Pharmaceuticals

Escher Stryer Killed

Escher Stryer of the Ein, famous for his daring rescue of his sister from the evil Darwin Verrill's clutches, has died aboard the Centennial Chicken during an Apparition attack, in unclear circumstances. Rumour has it that he had only recently saved his sister from Verrill yet again, in true heroic fashion.

He will be missed.

Cathedral Ship Attack; Suva and Hephaestus Annihilated; Survivors Found

The terrifying Apparition 'cathedral ship' has attacked once more, targeting the Princess in GX-870 before it had completed its spool cycle. After being heroically fought off by the Asi, Centennial Chicken, Zwei and UCSS Triumphant, it jumped to Psion 445b and started to attack the mining expedition there. Further heroic defence efforts were made by the UCSS Ottawa, the Galahad and the UCSS Suva in this system, but unfortunately the 'cathedral' brought out its nuclear weapons and managed to destroy both the UCSS Suva and the Hephaestus with the loss of all lives before once again being chased off.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Hephaestus survivors found on Psion 445b! The Sweet Embrace reports a radio signal from the planet's surface, with 73 survivors apparently having fled the ship before take-off and managed to run clear of the ship's highly radioactive crash site.

HMCS Renown Purged

Following combined efforts coordinated by Cpt. Rosenberg, the HMCS Renown has been purged of apparitions, Mari Martinez arrested (and tried, and sentenced to experimentation) and the ship restored to almost full operating capacity.

Fire Escape Stricken in Apparent Apparition Attack

The Fire Escape appears to have become infested with Apparitions, which have laid waste to its interior and slaughtered the crew. The captain, Andi Ferrion, along with Eloise Walker, the fugitive Slipstream chef believed to be on board, are among the dead - indeed, the only surviving crew member of the Fire Escape is believed to be Jonas Salt, who was elsewhere at the time.

With the life support and artificial gravity currently down, the atmosphere vented, and the whole ship being riddled with horrors, a proper investigation of the ship has proved so far impossible. In its place, however, the rumour mill has been hard at work to uncover the perpetrators, and the common understanding is that the Apparitions were summoned by Mari Martinez, working in league with Marco Stikk, who both supposedly had a grudge against the Fire Escape's captain.

The remains of the ship are currently floating in GX-870.

Woden Morello Promoted to Captain

Following negotiations led by Fern McCoy, with the assistance of Kiernan Healy and Woden Morello, Laurie McLaughlin has ended the lockdown on the Memorandum, and stepped down as captain. Woden Morello is the new captain of the Memorandum, though Laurie remains in charge of the archives.

Woden Morello Missing

Captain Morello left for one of his regular visits to the St Nikolaos a couple of days before the holoconference. He has not yet returned. Reports from the St Nikolaos indicate that he boarded the ship but has not yet departed. Anyone with information should contact Laurie McLaughlin at the earliest opportunity.

In Woden's absence, the following training courses are unavailable, unless another volunteer to teach can be found:

  • Bartering
  • Theatre Skills (OOC: Disguise)
  • Magic (OOC: Theft)
  • Advanced Computer Repair (OOC: Computer Hacking)

(OOC: You may attempt to train these skills, but please put in a contingency action in case Woden is not found)

Open-Source Anti-Apparition Designs!

The Memorandum reports that Ichabod Yildizoglu has very kindly uploaded all of his recent work on Anti-Apparition devices, including the famed 'tinfoil hats', as open-source design files. Anyone wishing to make their own can therefore access these designs (although obviously also requiring a) material to make one and b) the ability to follow the technical designs). The Memorandum is encouraging others with such useful information to follow suit.

Slipstream Under New Management

Following the arrest of its captain and owner, and an exciting week of campaigning by an interesting range of candidates, the Slipstream is now proudly under new management.

The victors?

Why, none other than Katherine Harte and Luca Attwood! The pair stole the positions of Captain and Vice Captain with an incredible 73 vote lead. It is said that the pair hope to restore the ship to its former glory before the murder and scandal.

Chu Siblings Held Aboard the St Nikolaos

Shortly after the events of the last conference a small party boarded the Slipstream and arrested its owner Ivanka Chu and her brother Andrei Chu, former captain. The arrest follows the 3 month long investigation into missing people aboard the Slipstream and the gruesome evidence that pointed towards cannibalism. The two came quietly, though it is rumored that Ivanka has taken a blow to her mental state following the arrest.

It is reported that Andrei Chu in poor health after the assault on his person last month, but is said to be finally on the mend once more after careful treatment from the various doctors in the fleet.

It is rumored that many citizens aboard the St. Nikolaos where against the idea of harbouring the two on board, but Ashmi Kaur (recent captain elect of the St. Nikolaos) has managed to keep the tension under control.

Lara Stryer Rescued; Slipstream Massacre

The missing celebrity Lara Stryer has been rescued from the Slipstream, in a daring operation masterminded by her brother, Escher Stryer. Once again, it seems she was in the clutches of the nefarious villain Darwin Verrill - who, as it turns out, was operating under the identity of 'Garland Bora', the businessman, gambler, and spiritualist.

Rumour has it his plans revolved around some sacrificial ritual carried out in the name of the Dreamers of Humanity, though details are hard to come by. What is known, however, is that several dozen bodies - some report as many as 36 - have been recovered from a chamber within the Slipstream known to be used for Dreamer meditation sessions. All appear to have died of 'natural causes'.

Lara is said to be in good health after her ordeal. Some confusion about events remains, though - many people assume that, given the body count, the mooted sacrificial ritual must have occurred, and yet Lara still lives. The crew of the Centennial Chicken have yet to comment publicly on the matter.

In spite of all this, Dreamer meditation sessions of the St Nikolaos appear to still be going strong, with enough momentum behind the movement that it persists in the absence of the original Slipstream chapter.

Scarlett McCann: Jonas Salt Exposed

Tonight, on SNBC1, we present an investigation into the real use of the gold that has been stolen from the St Nikolaos in the last few weeks. We talk to affected citizens, and show you footage of the con artist himself…

You may have heard the story of Jonas Salt, the supposed altruist who was desperate for donations so he could mass produce fear-dampening helmets. This reporter was shocked to discover that the entire operation was in fact A RUSE.

That's right, Jonas Salt's supposed scientific operation is a complete sham: after collecting valuable donations from across the St Nikolaos, we went to see Jonas, expecting to be able to film him creating the apparition-helmets. WE WERE TURNED AWAY.

As more information came to light, it became obvious to us that Jonas Salt IF THAT IS HIS REAL NAME, was simply using the ruse of altruism to acquire PRECIOUS JEWELS and GOLD.

At a time like this, this despicable behaviour cannot go unnoticed. Jonas Salt, the Fleet is aware, the Fleet is coming for you!

Scarlett McCann: Vega 7 Documentary

Released by Scarlett McCann and Laramy Fitch aboard the Spirit of the Century comes a gripping documentary on Vega 7. It starts with Scarlett and Laramy interviewing passengers aboard the UCSS Resurrection about their harrowing experiences of people just disappearing, before switching to a man found on the UCSS Salvation (a tense chase scene and firefight involved in subduing him) who seems to have completely lost his mind in the darkness. They then head down to the planet and by torch light we see the host and her team investigating the abandoned settlement and power plant, before heading into tunnels.

It's agreed by many that the next section where all anyone sees is just what's on the wall is a nice touch. Too often have these documentaries been clouded by some annoying presenter or their crew in the way – people find it so useful that not a single soul appears in the tunnels section which shows alien carvings on the walls of a cavern system, allowing them to concentrate on the artefacts, not the personality of the presenter!

Zarathustra Explodes

In an unexplained event, the Zarathustra has been seen to explode in a nuclear blast that not only destroyed the ship, killing most of the crew, but also damaged the Coeus. The circumstances surrounding the blast are yet to be explained.

Scion Changes

An upgrade to the Scion market system has seen the introduction of 'Rewards,' which encourage people to undertake actions considered to be for the general good of the Fleet, in exchange for currency on the new system. This is advertised as a limited-time offer while the Fleet is in such dire straits, but if you believe you qualify, and apply to the market's administrators, you will be awarded 5ç for any of the following actions:

  • Harbouring Refugees
  • Mining ores, for the creation of Deimium Fuel
  • Fighting off a direct apparition attack to the fleet
  • Significant research or creation with the aim of preventing future apparition incursions

If you believe you have done something which benefits the fleet which is not listed here, you can apply for a reward directly, which will be reviewed.

Aaron Phillips Terrible Person

Aaron Phillips of the UCSS Deliverance has reportedly abandoned refugees that he kindly previously took aboard. The few that survived so long under the trust and care of Cpt. Phillips fled from the Centennial Chicken to the St Nikolaos in tears.


  • There's been some strange noises in the Museum.
  • Lara Stryer is the Chosen One.
  • But who's going to look after the monkey now?
  • Is this what's left of humanity? Cowards? We should turn and fight these things!
  • Tai Pullman is the Chosen One.
  • Don't go into the museum at night…
  • Escher Stryer is was the Chosen One.
  • Maybe we should settle on Vega 7. Those tunnels look cosy.

OOC Notices

A reminder that we are in the Roy Griffiths Room tonight again, not the Gibbs Room. Please also be very considerate with noise as we are underneath a student accommodation block full of finalists!!

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