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Hansel Kassmeyer - Katy C


Name: Hansel Kassmeyer
Ship: St Nikolaos
Bio: “…Hansel Kassmeyer makes his debut as the foolish Prince Siegfried in his first leading role, and it is a stellar performance. He dances with elegance, strong lines and precise footwork. Every scene is as fresh and free as if he is dancing it for the first time, despite his absolute mastery of the choreography. Kassmeyer captures the pride and dignity of the Prince, and breaks that pride and dignity down in the final act to leave us with a shadow of his former self. What perhaps stands out most is his passionate dynamic with Odette, played by up-and-coming star Felicia Storch…”

Easily spotted in a crowd by the massively over-engineered array of weaponry he has on his person, Hansel Kassmeyer is an engineer from the St Nikolaos.


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