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Lucifer "Hashtag" Creed - Chris V [DEAD]


Name: Lucifer Creed
Ship: Caliburn Fragarach
Bio: Lucifer Creed is a combat specialist working for Grayson Security. His face is recognised by most due to the reports from a few years back following the Silver Pine Mall incident. Everybody went insane and killed each other except for Lucifer Creed who came out with minor injuries. This alone might not have been exceptional except that it followed two other high profile Apparition incidents in which he was inexplicably the only survivor and several other lesser incidents in which he was one of a few survivors. The media asked how it was that he had survived and why it was that he had encountered so many apparitions and how it was that he was the only survivor. Security videos appeared on the internet of the Silver Pine Mall incident showing people wildly attacking others with whatever they had to hand or just with tooth and nail. Except for Lucifer who was fighting with skill and training and seemingly completely in control of his actions. The question often repeated: Was he the sole survivor through luck or skill or because he made sure that nobody else walked out alive. Earlier incidents were bought up where he had apparently been working corporate security with accusations that he had taken advantage of the apparition attack to assassinate targets or that perhaps there was never any apparitions at all and that Lucifer was a mass murderer. Following this publicity Lucifer took to offworld contracts where he could keep away from people more.

When his presence in the fleet became widely known his reputation caused a movement to start that demanded he be exiled from the fleet “for the safety and security of the fleet”. It was only through the intervention of Ivanka Chu that the situation was defused and he was accepted, though not warmly, as part of the fleet.


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