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Antonia Salas

“The importance of my studies into the culture and history of the Vegarians1) was first impressed on me when the members of the Salvation fleet started disappearing. Obviously, the discovery of a truly advanced alien race is one of the greatest discoveries in the history of the history of anthropology. Though I guess in this case it is more accurately described as Xenology. As I will relate in the pages of this book, you can see the rise of this civilisation and their exaltation of the black hole, through to the Wizards' rejection of this religion and the planet's desolation in the aftermath.

Naturally, following what happened to Salvation it was obvious that whatever had happened to them could happen to us. Then, when you consider the unusual death of Lee Livingstone, and the strange revelations that came to Stefanie Giessinger, it seems obvious that some part of the Vegarians had come with us - whether we wanted it or not. So, as I am sure you now well know, I dedicated my life to understanding the history of Vega 7. For her part in this my deepest thanks to Stefanie for her understanding and assistance.”

— Extract from the foreword of History of the Vegarians, by Antonia Salas

“Dear Stefanie,

Thank you for your very gracious consideration in allowing me to come and read what you have observed in your pilgrimages to Vega 7. It is very fascinating, and although these are just second-hand reports it seems that there is a lot of truth in them. Would it be at all possible to come talk to those who went, being able to ask more questions would be very worthwhile? If you are free at the time, then I would very much appreciate another chat with you.



— A letter found deep in the archives of the Void-Seers

1) Alien inhabitants of the planet of Vega 7
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