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Antonio Delgado

“Commodore Antonio Delgado was a true patriot of his homeland, in a time when such values were all but extinct - for better or worse. As Captain of the Rubicon, the pride of Portugal, Delgado and his crew were mostly reclusive sorts, surfacing publicly only a handful of times, and yet still they stepped up on numerous occasions in defence of the Fleet from Apparitions. It was through such action that the Rubicon and its crew were eventually lost, bravely sacrificed for the greater good during the final battle against the so-called 'Cathedral' Apparition ship.”

“Delgado was a keen lover of culture, and sought to preserve all that he could of Portugal within the Rubicon, in the hope of establishing a New Portugal amongst the stars. While this never came to be, thanks to the keen foresight of the Commodore, the full extent of his records and memorabilia from the Portuguese Government on Earth were preserved on the Memorandum, and today these make for both fascinating reading and topics of fierce debate for students of later Earth history.”

“While no true consensus may ever be reached on the ethical ramifications and justifications of the 'Bombardeio do Conselho', nor the two-year Delgado Regime that followed, what is certain is that the legacy of Antonio Delgado will never be forgotten; whether that be as an angry dictator, or a heroic patriot.”

- Excerpt from History of the Exodus, Volume 3: The Ships and Their Captains, 2172

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