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Ari Price

“Price, renowned across the Fleet as a fearsome but loyal leader, was one of the few on the skeleton crew for the risky operation. She, along with Dawson, Hammarberg, and those Engineers who remained, were tasked with repairing the ship after every jump it took, taking the toll of more and more vicious apparition attacks as the ship jumped away to give us the time we needed to hide.

Price reportedly suffered from visions of her friends, lying dead, or coming to get her at night, but steeling her mind against these fought through them long enough to understand the art of FTL Engineering enough to repair her ship, the Centennial Chicken and prepare it for the jump back, taking all but Dawson with her.

She put herself on the line for the good of humanity – what she learned from that escapade shaped our colonisation efforts, and her risks meant we could colonise without fear of apparition attacks. A true hero.”

– excerpt from The Great Princess Gambit, 2090

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