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“In it's early days, the first city of Terra Libre was little different from how the fleet had been in space. Having spent close to a year confined to the ships on which they traveled, the remaining hope of humanity took some time to reacclimatise to life planet side. While many of the St. Nikoloas populous disembarked and started to form small, ramshackle favela's, it was several months before people properly started building houses and the foundations of today's Captail City were formed. The beginning of 'Landing'.

“From there, life slowly returned to normal with trade and small business' opening up, people returning to their professions or taking the opportunity to learn new ones.

“While many like to focus on the economic and industrial leaps achieved by the fleet in this time, few take note of the cultural preservation accomplished as well. Literature, Music, Art - all these things were fought for and saved from the unknown horror's our ancestors faced.

“Many great novels were penned in the first 100 years of settling - 'Journey to Vega 7: Based on a True Story' (2136), 'Starlight' (2099) and 'Dawn Raising' (2112) are all classics sharing one common theme, remembrance and hope. Of course we know from the salvaged archives of the Memorandom that there were many other genres before the Exodus, however, it wasn't util the late 400's that we started to see the reintroduction of darker themes such as Horror. Most notable of which would be 'Darkness Within' (2485)

“Film was one of the quickest mediums to make its come back, with the cult classic 'From Earth Yours Sincerely' (2082) being filmed by Amateur Director Tai Pullman. Pullman went on to make a few other films in her time, most notable being the musical 'Forgotten Pride' (2120) but with the most known being 'From Earth Yours Sincerely 2: This time its spooky' (2115). None the less, Pullman is a credit to the continued tradition of film making through out the decades.

“Music, of course, was in the least danger of being lost. It is well known that it is song that was used to keep the sprits of those aboard the Princess alive and indeed those among the fleet. However, the combined efforts of Wren Walker, Luuk van Dalen and Tom Wayen made sure that not only music but also the Princess' story made it into our culture here on Terra Libre. 'The Princess's Lament' written by Luuk van Darlen, is, to this day, sung by many a choir in honour of Captain Holttman and 'Remember Earth' written by Wren, Luuk and Tom three has long been thought of as Terra Libre's unofficial anthem.”

- An extract from From Earth to Terra Libre, 2538

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