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Defence and Peacekeeping

“During the colonisation of Terra Libre, it was decided that the divide between apparition and non-apparition defence should be maintained. This led to the creation of Terra Libre Internal Security by Luxe Rosenberg and Fernando McCoy, and of Terra Libre External Security by Hansel Kassmeyer and Darwin Dexter.

The TLIS assumed all responsibility for upholding law and order on the new planet. With Ashmi Kaur taking the position of First Speaker for the New Humanity, the three worked in unison to establish a fair and just policing system, with safeguards in place to prevent corruption and abuse of power. Once most of the issues that arose during the voyage had been dealt with, and the situation had stabilised, McCoy decided to retire. Rosenberg, left to lead TLIS on her own, became married to the job, slowly transforming in the jaded woman we know today. However, TLIS continues to run without problem, keeping crime at an all time low, and, as far as we are aware, free from corruption.

TLES, on the other hand, began to prepare for the 'what if' scenarios. What if the apparitions managed to get through the nebula? What if they followed us right here, to Terra Libre, appearing out of nowhere, completely unprepared? Dexter and Kassmeyer weren't about to let that happen. TLES, as we know it today, contains two major departments:

The first is Research. Hiring leading experts and those who have had personal experience with apparition events, like Lara Stryer, the Research Division of TLES was responsible for finding out every last detail about the enemy of humanity. Who were they? What were they? Where did they come from? These questions remain open to some speculation even to this day, but you can be completely sure that the greatest mind available are working on them inside TLES.

The second is the Defensive Systems Division. This is where the world's most powerful weaponry is developed, including the incredibly powerful orbital defence system known as Arknet. This satellite mounted laser cannon is designed to take on ships like the infamous cathedral ship known to be used by the apparitions. While very little evidence exists to suggest that any apparitions were able to follow humanity through the nebula, some say it is only a matter of time. All we know is that if the apparitions should ever appear again, we will be ready.”

- Article published on the news site Terra Libreration, 2098

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