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Ezra Whateley

“It quickly became apparent that given the relationship between death and apparitions that study of bodies was an important and necessary pursuit, and so the legacy of Ezra Whateley continued through the continued sale and distribution of Whateley Coffins. Designed and manufactured originally by the doctor himself, these coffins were designed for luxury and the preservation of bodies.

Further, when an economy became stable, Whateley Life Insurance made a resurgence, run by some who worked alongside and helped the doctor in the Fleet and members of the UCSS Suva he had made his home. Saddened that Dr Whateley who had helped them so kindly during their time in the Fleet met such a brutal end (and an undeserved one in their opinion), they fought for his legacy to be of the people he helped, rather than the nasty rumours that were spread about him by Grayson Security in the last moments.

And that's how this history book will remember Dr Whateley: a good doctor doing a good job.”

– excerpt from Unsung Heroes of the Exodus: They Shall Be Remembered, 2115

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