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Fleet Capabilities

Excerpt from Terra Libre: A White Paper For The Future, 2092.

…we are happy to report that fleet capabilities are now returned to a point where a further exodus from Terra Libre, if ever required, could be comfortably supported with the latest in operational spaceships. This brings to a close a decade of shipbuilding and retrofitting, with the final launch and naming ceremony of the St Christopher held last month. With this advanced transport ship capable of housing 1000 people in comfort, we can be confident that no part of the chaos of the Exodus would be repeated. It is joined by the ZG7B, built to the specifications of Magnus Hammerberg, which waits filled with fuel in orbit as a backup should it be required.

As regards the day-to-day fleet, Terra Libre now has 10 fully-operational mining ships with dedicated crews, each spending their time travelling to the uninhabitable planets and asteroids in this system to gather what materials we require for daily life. The planet remains well-defended by the five imposing orbital cannons designed and built by Hansel Kassmeyer, which should hold off any incoming physical threat. The rebuilt
UFTL Triumphant (keeping its original name in tribute to those who lost their lives aboard) also stands guard in orbit, with a skeleton crew ready to jump into action when required.

We therefore conclude that the budget for building additional spaceships can safely be wound down at this time, particularly as no interstellar travel is planned in the immediate future…

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