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Gal Tzalul

“The list of fantastical creatures that Dr Tzalul planned to introduce to Notosia - or, as she named it in her writings, Muvtakh - was matched in its hubris only by the spectacular level of technology needed to achieve it. So it was a testament to the resourcefulness of the few remaining Bolygo members that they were able to pull together so much of what they needed from the scant resources they had to work with. It is likely that much of what they needed came from the Sohonnai's daring raid against the settlement of Landing, but still, ingenuity would have been needed to fill in the gaps.”

“Though Gal's wish to be cryogenically frozen, that she might emerge on occasion to gaze upon her new creation, was never realised, her new races of Harpies, Lamia, Angels, Amphimen, and so forth appear to have flourished after her presumed death. Without any initial human populace to work with, it seems that she had to rear much of the initial population from childhood herself, but the result appears - from what can be observed from a distance, at least - to be that 'the Creator' is venerated as the god that Gal had wished to live on as.”

“At the time of writing, the burgeoning civilisation on Notosia continues to be kept at a distance by the humanity of the rest of Terra Libre, but opinion is split on how future relations might progress. There are some suggestions that contact should be made, others who believe they should be left to their own devices isolated from the world, while a vocal minority insist that, as the last remaining element of Bolygo's betrayal of humanity, the creatures of the strange continent should be wiped from the face of the planet as a matter of principle, caution, or both. No resolution to this matter looks to be forthcoming any time soon.”

- Excerpt from An Analysis of the writings of Dr Gal Tzalul, Chapter Two, The Muvtakh Fantasy, 2168.

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