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Kiernan Healy

“Omicron, or Kiernan Healy as he was properly known, was possibly the most prolific hacker of the late 21st century. Before the Exodus, he was responsible for a number of high profile thefts of trade secrets, and implicated in a number of industrial accidents. While his contribution to the Fleet is not is doubt - indeed, he was reportedly essential to the engineering efforts which kept the fleet moving - it seems that his penchant for sabotage was not left behind on Earth. Almost every system he had a hand in, both on the Fleet and in the fledgling colony, was riddled with backdoors, allowing him complete control at a whim.”

- Except from History of the Exodus, Volume 4: Other Persons of Note

Kiernan Healy, AKA Omicron

Arresting Officer: Vyrin Rosen Known offences:

  • Sabotage, 20 counts
  • Espionage, 16 counts
  • Murder, 3 counts
  • Manslaughter, 10 counts
  • Unauthorised access, 52 counts
  • Intent to Detonate a Nuclear Device, 1 count (dropped on appeal - the possibility of him detonating the nukes remotely was not shown to imply actual intent to do so)

Sentence: 30 years imprisonment. Labour was considered, but rejected due to the high risk of additional sabotage.”

- TLIS Report reference KH0001

“Well… He's just not there ma'am. The camera feed shows him sitting in his cell all proper like, but when Jameson walked past this morning, he weren't in there! Wisia has been trying to piece it together, and it looks like he somehow managed to reprogram the system - switched up the patrol routes to give a clear path, opened his door, and just strolled out. The footage seems to be editing itself on the fly. It's just weird… You're wandering around an empty room and on the monitor you can see his head following you, and he's making all kinds of gestures. Erm… ma'am, I have to ask… Didn't he have a hand in building this place? Only Wisia's been having a look through the logs, and it seems he might have done…”

- Transcript of report from Sgt. Tannerson, TLIS

Kiernan Healy, AKA Omicron

Arresting Officer: Vyrin Rosen Known offences:

  • Sabotage of a Government Building, 5 counts
  • Jailbreak, 1 count

Sentence: Life imprisonment. GUARDS TO BE POSTED AT ALL TIMES.”

- TLIS Report reference KH0002

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