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Lucas Calderon

“It is not an exaggeration to say that without Lucas Calderon the fleet might never have made it to Terra Libre. Not only did he lay the groundwork for large scale in-ship food production with the 'BioCube', but also invented the 'BioCuboid', one of the most successful and widely used apparition detection technologies, especially when combined with Ichabod's Tin Foil Hatz.

Seemingly not content with these incredible innovations, Calderon went on to set up what would become the planet's most successful cybernetics company, Calderon Industries. In a rather controvertial, but incredibly exciting move, Calderon Industries announced earlier today that they intend to become pioneers of Human Augmentation. During the press conference it was stated that they intend to release a full consumer product within the next 18 months, limited at first only to arm and leg enhancements. Only time will tell what the world will make of such developments, and just how many banks you're going to have to rob to get in on the action. My name's Tom Tucker, and this has been your Tech News Update.”

- A report by the news broadcasting program 'The Loop'

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