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Lucifer "Hashtag" Creed

The camera pans over a photo of a adult man, obviously cut out from another photograph and pasted over this background of stars. The camera zooms in slowly and the photograph of stars fades clumsily into a tableau of actual space. The captions paint the man as Lucifer Creed, known colloquially as Hashtag; an indeterminate voice - captioned as one of Hierarch Giessinger's followers - talks over this image.

“ Hashtag was… special. Hierarch Patches speaks fondly of him, but only in private: she says that it would be unbecoming to make her old friend an object of preaching. They say that he became void-touched long before, and much more than, any of us and it was his sacrifice that allowed Patches to come to this great understanding with which she has been able to guide us… so I guess I should be thankful for him. I don't know though, there are others who talk of him with such disdain: as if he was no more than Vegarian dirt.

“I wish I could talk to him.”

— From VoidWatch 2101

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