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Luxe Rosenberg

“Commander, formerly Captain, Rosenberg of the HMCS Renown, formerly of the St Nikoloas, formerly of the Hussar, was yet another figure responsible for the safety and security of the Fleet in the dark times of the Exodus. Though some suggest Rosenberg was a copy-cat for Captain Stride, those who knew the second head of Internal Security of the Fleet knew she was nothing of the sort: she toed the line as hard as Stride, but with the rationality to know when to stop, and the foresight to avoid major catastrophes. She learned not just from Stride's mistakes, but mistakes across the Fleet, growing from a force to be reckoned with to an indomitable inquisitor for Internal Security.

Her role changed, as all roles did, when we landed: Internal Security was no longer about the Fleet, and Rosenberg was integral in the formation and success of the Terra Libre Internal Security force (TLIS). No longer Captain of a ship, now
Commander Rosenberg headed up this force for security and policing this new colony of Landing: under her watchful and sharp eye, Landing remained a place where justice prevailed and wrong-doers were caught.

Without Rosenberg, Landing would certainly not be the safe place we know today.”

– excerpt from Leaders Of The Exodus, 2136

“Commander Rosenberg, presenting the files for the arrest of Vasquez, Pietro.”
“Threatening the safety of the planet by attempting to commit murder in the Landing market, Commander Rosenberg, ma'am.”
“Ten witnesses, Commander Rosenberg, ma'am.”
“He says it was an accident, Commander Rosenberg, ma'am.”
“An accident?”
“Yes, Commander Rosenberg, ma'am.”
“We'll see what the jury thinks of that. Schedule him for next Monday.”
“Yes, Commander Rosenberg, ma'am.”

– excerpt from TLIS office logs, 2112

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