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Marco Stikk

Although now better known for his business empire, Marco Stikk was a crucial part of the Exodus. Upon leaving Earth, humanity had a sufficient number of FTL-capable ships((see section 2.3 for a discussion of the 'sufficiency' of the St Nikolaos) but not always an entirely sufficient number of capable pilots to fly them. While this was thankfully eventually dealt with through installation of autopilot programs, and accelerated training of new pilots, those who were qualified to fly were highly valued at the time the Fleet left Earth.

Marco Stikk was one of these pilots - having originally grown up on the Tau Leyti colony, he knew his way around spaceships, and became an apprentice flight mechanic, guard and pilot at a young age. Upon the Exodus from Earth, he had no ship to pilot, but was quickly hired by Captain Luxe Rosenberg of the Hussar, who spotted his potential. Mr Stikk continued to pilot the Hussar throughout its now well-known Apparition engagements: from the initial incident of the Last Train Home through to the pivotal Battle of Conference 4 and the sacrifice of the Hussar. Thereafter, Captain Rosenberg took charge of the HMCS Renown and Marco Stikk continued to contribute to Fleet defence as only the best and most diligent pilots can.

Upon arrival on Terra Libre, however, Marco decided that he had done his duty to humanity's survival, and settled down to manufacturing the boardgame he is now much better known for…

- An extract from History of the Exodus, Volume 4: Other Persons of Note, 2172


You've lost your ships to Apparitions in Space Monopoly, you've bartered your way across the universe in Ticket to Fly. NOW: determine who murdered a helpless scientist aboard your ship in: SPACE CLUEDO! Was it an evil doctor, with a vial of poison, in the medbay? a mafia boss, with a mincemeat machine, in the engine room? or an apparition, with an eldritch tentacle, on the bridge? You be the investigator!!!

- billboard advert, 2098

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