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“It is said that never again will there be one so brave, nor so loyal. On countless occasions, Rain accompanied members of the fleet into the complete unknown. They relied on him to provide them safety, and he never once failed them. When no-one could tell friend from foe, he was there to watch over all. His gaze gave strength, and a sense of calm.

When his friends were persecuted, hounded and cast aside by the rest of the fleet, Rain brought his crew together as one. He did all in his power to protect the ones he held dear, and when he could do no more, gave his life to save us all. His sacrifice will never be forgotten. I would like to end with these final words:

Even when the skies are cold and dark, and the sun hidden away so completely that you fear you will never see it again, Rain will come, and the skies will clear, and all will be well.”

- Speech given at the memorial ceremony held in honour of Rain who, among others, gave his life for the fleet.

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