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Raina Bells van Dalen

“The tragedy of Raina and Bradley Bells van Dalen was just one of the heartbreaking stories of the Fleet. Nobody who saw the pair of them together could deny their love, and despite the apocalypse round the corner, they always spared time for each other. To lose Raina and Bradley within such quick succession of each other was truly heartbreaking, and not to mention losing such a committed, brave, and innovative mind. Raina was prepared to boldly go back for supplies desperately needed by the Fleet – even when attacked on Elysium IV when acquiring ice for the Fleet, she stayed resolute and resourceful, and those who survived commended her for such quick and decisive action to save lives. We may never know what happened when she jumped to 87.a5, but we can be sure that she went down fighting.”

– excerpt from Unsung Heroes of the Exodus: They Shall Be Remembered, 2115

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