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Richard Black

There is a toughly drawn map of a Terran Libre city, with dots marking what look to be warehouses and storage facilities. A set of sweeping arrows and directions give the impression that it is a plan for some sort of raid or heist. The initials 'RB', 'IL', and 'GT' are scratched into the bottom corner near the start point of the arrows. Below the sketch is a hastily written paragraph.

“Right, you two. I don't know where you are right now, and I'll be damned if I can get the pair of you to sit down for half an hour to go over it, so please look at this! Project Waffle Iron The plan is a go: and they're not going to see it coming. We're only going to have one shot at this though: once they know about us, they'll be prepared for the next time. So learn the plan: if you do this correctly, we're not going to need another shot.

— A scrap of paper found in Notosia, Age Unknown

“This is the last message of Richard Black. If you are hearing this, then I am forever out of reach. I wasn't supposed to set off until I was already dead, but I guess it became too late for that long ago. Far, far too long ago…” There is a pause and a sigh, “No matter. After too many years watching Gal experiment, and after Ilonara just up and left, I just got bored. Too often I was reminded on what we could have done — What we should have done. So I'm returning: back to the place where it all makes sense. And by the time you hear this - if anyone hears this - some part of me will know what lies beyond the event horizon.”

— A signal, thought to origin from Vega 7, Age Unkown

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