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Tai Pullman

“I heard she was the only true godly-being amongst them - the rest were just fakers.”

“That's because she was the only one not trying to curry favour with the you-know-whats - her powers were legit.”

“Didn't she kill the guy who gave her those powers, though? That Darwin guy? That's what my dad says.”

“Nah, that was Knight, wasn't it? Don't think Tai was too up for killing people, given how it's said she got her powers in the first place…”

“Wait, Darwin Dexter's dead?”

“Huh? No! Darwin Verrill. The guy with the fake face and stupid cloak.”

“You sure it wasn't Dexter? He does have that menacing laser sword and that spaceship battle station…”

“Pretty sure.”

“Did you know she could move things with her mind? I bet that's how they did the special effects in Insurrection: Earth Writes Back; you know, the scene with the pots?”

“Pretty sure that was just regular special effects. And I thought the mind stuff was just a rumour, anyway?”

“Nah, Clarissa says her mate worked behind the scenes on it, and actually saw her do it!”

“You're full of it.”

“I'm telling you, it's true! She does all this weird meditation stuff, and, like, becomes one with the pots and whatever.”

“Yuh huh.”

- Schoolyard banter

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