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Tessa Elation

“Of the many captains of the Fleet, few stand prouder in the history books than Tessa Elation. Born Theresa Sherringdon, Tessa had her first taste of flight after the tragic death of her parents during an apparition attack. Using her inheritance to purchase a spacecraft, the Sweet Embrace, she took to the stars and never looked back. Between her and her sister, Samantha, the ship was steadily upgraded to become one of the fastest craft around - with engines on a par with top-flight military vessels. This launched Tessa's career in the spaceracing leagues, though her characteristic disregard for the rules meant she never achieved her full potential.

Following the Exodus, Tessa flew several scouting missions for the Fleet - she was one of the first to the planets of Elysium IV and Elentis 227a, and to the black hole at GX-870. Towards the end of the Exodus, she proved herself as capable a military scout as an explorer, delivering high quality, close-up footage of the “Cathedral” ship which led the Apparition fleet.

Her bravery was never in doubt, especially once she volunteered to take down that same Cathedral ship - flying the Sweet Embrace into the heart of it to deliver both a nuclear payload and a virus. While this turned the tide of battle, and ensured the destruction of the ship, the Sweet Embrace did not manage to escape the vessel. Her sacrifice will be remembered”

- Excerpt from History of the Exodus, Volume 3: The Ships and Their Captains

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