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Wren Walker

“It's safe to say that without Wren, you probably wouldn't be here today. Certainly, your classes would be very different. Even while we were running, even while we were struggling to preserve the last remnants of our civilisation, Wren saw the importance of socialising and education in not letting that civilisation crumble. She founded Fleet Street, giving people across the Fleet a space to talk to each other and share their worries, their hopes, their dreams. She set up a formal schooling program - even when all those who could teach the useful subjects were too busy, she persevered, making lesson plans which allowed anyone to teach a basic understanding to those who wished to contribute more to the Fleet. Certainly, this school would not have been founded without those first grass roots.

She came from nothing. A drifter, just someone with a drive to help see people through the tragedy that had befallen them. More than anyone, she epitomises the spirit of the Exodus - it doesn't matter where you came from, only what effort you're willing to put in, and what you do with what you have.”

- Graduation speech, class of 2102, given by Vincent Smits

“As the colonies grew and spread, Wren travelled between the outposts and towns, teaching those that wished to be taught, and providing song and dance to those that wished to relax. On her infrequent returns to Landing, she always had a trove of new stories and tales to add to the cultural store in the library - a project she had established and carefully curated since the founding of the colony.”

- Except from History of the Exodus, Volume 4: Other Persons of Note, 2172

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