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Commodore Antonio Delgado - Matthew K [DEAD]


Name: Antonio Delgado
Ship: Rubicon

Commodore Delgado is both loved and hated. The Commanding Officer of the Rubicon, one of the earliest space warships, he gained fame and infamy for executing thousands of space pirates during the 2060s and 70s. During the Escalation, he became the co-head of the Portuguese military government; one which asserted its authority by slaughtering the Portuguese Emergency Council of State and engaging in widescale political purges of those who resisted it. Through ruthless enforcement of law and order during his regime, he may have saved thousands from the effects of the apparitions as Portugal crumbled. That is more than made up for by the probably equal number of those who perished in his attempt to assert the rule of law during the disintegration of Portugal. His sailors and patriots romanticise and love him, liberals and those who suffered his “emergency measures” despise him. The Rubicon was one of the last ships to depart from Earth, having lingered until January 2082 for any semblance of order; as nuclear fire ravaged the globe, it quickly moved to rendezvous with the convoy of vessels heading for the Salvation Fleet.

As part of the migrant fleet of ships, the Rubicon has adopted a position of distance from other vessels and has mostly refused to communicate. When it docks with the Princess to refuel its crew quickly takes their allotment of fuel without so much as making eye contact with any of the fuel carrier’s staff, undocks, and drifts off to the periphery of the fleet. Any ship which comes too close has received a weapons lock and a warning to stay away. Any who thus far have tried to communicate with Commodore Delgado and the Rubicon have received the following message:

“This is the last sovereign territory of Portugal. We are its last subjects. Leave a wide berth for this vessel, or you will be destroyed.”


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