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Bradley Bells Van Dalen - Matilda T [DEAD]


Name: Bradley Bells Van Dalen
Ship: The Nemesis
Bio: From a UCCNZFJ law enforcement internal report: . . . shows dedication beyond the call of duty, combined with a talent for planning and thinking ahead. My only concern for him is that he displays his excellent compassion a little too freely, which . . .

From a local newspaper at the time of his marriage: What happens when a copper sees the criminal he caught come out the other end reformed? Well, in PC Bells' case, he marries her! Although not a conventional couple, the Bells van Dalen wedding was by all accounts a delightful affair, with both sides well represented by a small but loving smattering of friends and family . . .

From a rumour you overheard on the ship: He was involved in the evacuation, wasn't he? Yes. Did you hear about his children? I heard they were - Hush. He's coming this way.


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