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Escher Stryer - George B [DEAD]


Name: Escher Stryer
Ship: Ein
Bio: Escher grew up on a crashed spaceship with no parental figures, or indeed any other humans at all, and has ended up rather unusual as a result. Perfectly friendly, though, if a tad morbid. He was rather looking forward to exploring Earth, but it ended up a little nuclear holocaust-y for his liking, so now he’s stuck with the fleet. Can often be found with his long-lost, recently-found sister, Lara, or a pair of intergalactic miscreants going by the names Tai and Ari.

Overheard in the Princess galley:

-“So he’s got rescued his sister, right, but now he’s screwed. Nothing in the system but Verrill’s base and a bunch of hostile battleships, and the crappy little shuttle he’s on has no FTL drive. So there’s no way out but to surrender to Verrill’s people.”
-“This sounds like such utter BS.”
-“Shut it, Myron, I’m telling this story. So he signals surrender, gets brought into the carrier bay of one of these huge battleships. And then just as they say how much of a dope he is for trying to escape in a short-range shuttle, he switches the engines back on – and these old shuttles are built like bricks, you know – and flies through the battleship until he gets to the flight deck. Then he holds the pilots at gunpoint and insists that they jump back to Earth.”
-“Absolute, unmitigated nonsense. Leaving aside the problem with going FTL with a hole in the middle of your ship, I’ve seen this guy on the Memorandum, and he looks like he couldn’t hurt a fly. All he does is leave snarky post-its all over the place and his personal quarters are filled with bonsai trees. He’s just some poor sod who got stuck in space, lost his mind, and now you think he’s a bloody action hero.”
-“He is an action hero! He saved a beautiful heiress from an evil villain using nothing but a 2-person drone and a handgun, for god’s sake, what else do you have to do to qualify?”
-“Yeah, and you don't know how much of a fighter he is, Dave. I heard that Escher Stryer has an eight-pack. Escher Stryer is shredded.”
-“Shut up, Myron.”


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