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Ichabod Yıldızoğlu - Seb A [DEAD]


Name: Ichabod Yıldızoğlu
Ship: Sanctuary
Bio: Ichabod Yıldızoğlu has not been content to ride the coat-tails of his family name - he has smashed his way to the very summit of the world of engineering through a combination of eccentric genius, creative flair, and a stubbornness which has landed him with the moniker: 'The Juggernaut of VR'. Nowadays he's one of the foremost academics in the field of applied holography. Our correspondent had a rare chance to interview Ichabod during the annual World Science Holoforum in May…

(extract from The Juggernaut of VR, Stellar Science! (June, 2059))

A prominent and somewhat cranky scientist, Ichabod cannot stand idle superstitions and all this talk of 'ghosts'. He is determined to find a scientific basis for the strange phenomena which precipitated our flight from Earth.


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