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Ilonara - Jen M


Name: Ilonara Kórica
Ship: Sohonnai
Bio: Part of a young cadre of pilots (whom the gutter press dubbed the “Need for Speed”) who made their name before the fall of Earth, Ilonara Kórica broke her first speed record at the age of fourteen, and has broken several since. Unlike some pilots in the fleet, “reckless” is not an adjective that truly applies–rather, danger neither shakes nor stirs her, and she approaches every challenge with an enviable level-headedness which has stood her in good stead as the evac officer of Bolygo Pharmaceuticals. With her ship, the Sohonnai, she has evacuated key and/or wounded personnel from several compromised ships and stations *just* in the nick of time, relaying them to the hospital ship Asclepius, for which she holds the captaincy.

Though the antics and tempestuous, brief relationships among the Need for Speed filled the websites of many fanzines, Ilonara has not formed any permanent attachments–but then, she *is* still in her teens: a boyish, short-haired figure upon whom many lives have rested.

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