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Lee Livingstone - James S [DEAD]


Name: Lee Livingstone
Ship: Guinevere
Bio: Lee Livingstone, adventurer and explorer, and captain and owner of the Guinevere, a Squire Class Probe outfitted for scouting and salvage. If you need raw materials, Lee's the man to scout them out for you, for a modest price. He's a friendly guy, but those who spend time with him will notice a distance in his eyes, which his smile never quite reaches. He's tall and lean, but looks tired and drawn out, seeming far older than his 34 years. Lee is a loyal friend, and can often be found docked at the St Nikolaos, passing the time chatting with other captains of small scout ships. He knows how dangerous a malfunction onboard your tiny island of life can be, and will never leave another captain struggling if he can lend a hand.


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