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Counter Admiral Petri Gromov - Pawel R [DEAD]


Name: Counter Admiral Petri Gromov
Ship: HMCS Renown
Bio: From the Official World Encyclopedia (available on the Memorandum):

Counter Admiral Petri Aleksey Gromov (Russian: Петри Алексей Громов), Is a former soldier of the Russian space-navy. Gromov was born in Saratov and joined the space-navy in 2037. He completed the S.O. Makarov Higher Space - Naval School in 2041.

Gromov served as an officer on a destroyer and in 2043 served in the strategic rocket forces on an exchange program. Gromov returned to the Russian navy in 2044 and served on the Cruiser Moscow and the Destroyer Vdokhnovennyy. He then commanded the Cruisers Senyavin and Dmitry Pozharsky.

In 2058 Gromov become commander of a squadron of ships. In 2065 he became a Counter Admiral of the Russian Space fleet. He retired in 2079, at the age of 60, the mandated age of retirement for Admirals and Fleet Admirals.

Currently Captain and Commander of the HMCS Renown.


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