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Aaron Phillips

“Cpt. Phillips was first Captain of the freighter Bucephalus before he later took command of the iconic UCSS Deliverance. A paragon of administrative capability, rivalled only by that of Cpt. Natalia Rodchenko, Phillips was responsible for leading the Union of Independent Captains in its final stages and was the deviser of the great Nebula Jump Operation that led us to safety.

When History tested Phillips, he stood firm, and its his strength of character that led the Fleet to be able to stand against the work of Bolygo Pharmaceuticals and to colonise Terra Libre. Always the workaholic, Phillips organised that as well, overseeing more operations than he could count before, finally, having time to stop and breathe.

And that was that – with the threat of imminent extinction removed, Phillips learned to take time out for himself and took a much deserved vacation from affairs. He started to socialise on an informal basis rather than business, and eventually picked up a few practical hobbies before taking a low-key administrative job to pass the time by. New generations grew up and those working under “Mr Phillips” scarcely knew exactly what giant of history was sat at the desk down the hallway.”

– excerpt from History of the Exodus, Volume 3: The Ships and their Captains, 2172 – Chapter 7: Bucephalus

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