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Anton Rezov

“The Russian Colonel, Anton Rezov, was for much of the Exodus one of humanity's silent sentinels. Though rarely a feature of the Princess's conferences that so much defined the fleet during this troubled time, the Colonel, and his ship, the Barclay de Tolle often stood at the edge of the fleet and kept a watch for apparition attacks. When the Barclay de Tolle finally met its end in the desperate strike to bring down the apparition flagship, it had already guarded the fleet almost all of its way to their new home in Eta Helion.

And yet, even now, Colonel Rezov remains somewhat of a figure of mystery. Who can say what drove him? To join and protect the fleet, and to stick with them right to the bitter end? Even if the reasoning is forgotten, one thing that will not be forgotten is his dedication and his sacrifice. It is clear to us all that without him in the fleet, our survival to this day would have been much less assured.”

— Extract from Unsung Heroes of the Exodus: They Shall Be Remembered, 2115

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